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Lorestry is the #1 New Pregnancy and Baby App for 2022 – Press Release

CONCORD, Mass., Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lorestry has been named the #1 new pregnancy and baby app for 2022 by One Fine Baby, Australia’s premier online baby retailer and maternal information hub.

Lorestry, the world’s first and only app to map data to the language of healthcare for consumers, is upping the bar for personal health trackers, starting with expecting mothers and children Birth-6. “By mapping data to SNOMED International, a health language library recognized by the National Library of Medicine and over 80 nations, we start to level the playing field for self-advocacy and personal empowerment with health information, starting before birth,” said Lorestry designer and founder, Linda Craib, RN, MBA.

Lorestry is the only pregnancy and baby tracker that maps parent-generated data related to the social and environmental drivers of health. These conditions impact as much as 80% of a health outcome, making them critical factors for the optimal well-being of mother and baby. The Lorestry app helps parents easily communicate this information to their care teams for referrals and intervention.

Lorestry hits another first as the market’s only pregnancy and baby tracker inclusive of the 1:33 children who will be born with congenital, genetic, and rare conditions. From a diversity, equity, and inclusion perspective, it is important to start addressing the needs of this growing population of children.

Lorestry, free on the App Store, creates a beautiful timeline of a child’s early life and experiences. The story can start during pregnancy or at any age up to 6, and can include family history and lore. The app creates useful lists and reports as well as data visualizations designed to improve health data understanding and literacy.

Lorestry‘s early adopters and collaborators include Children’s Mercy Kansas City where Lorestry has been made available to all children and families, and the National Head Start Association who has partnered with Lorestry for The LEGO Foundation‘s global Build a World of Play Challenge.

Lorestry, by Alea Diagnostics, is a free, private app available on the app store. The app empowers parents with data and their child’s life story.

Alea Diagnostics, a mission-driven company, is dedicated to improving the lives of newborns and children. Alea Diagnostics works with organizations committed to improving maternal-child health outcomes, and employers whose diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts include the newborns and children of their workforce.

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