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MAS Holdings partners with ByondXR to create virtual showrooms to showcase their apparel products – Press Release

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ByondXR, the market leader for immersive, virtual retail experiences has partnered with MAS Holdings, South Asia’s largest apparel and textile manufacturer, to create virtual showrooms that enhance retail experience in the new normal. With over 2 billion USD in revenue and a portfolio of international brands, MAS has recognized the value of moving with the industry into the digital paradigm and have invested in ByondXR to accelerate this shift.

In the post-pandemic era, digital solutions for apparel manufacturers have become an essential tool for sustainable growth, and with the introduction of Metaverse, virtual solutions are going to be the way businesses market their products and services. Within this ever evolving landscape, MAS aims to be on top of digital product creation and commerce. Speaking of their vision, digital evangelist, Anupama said, “We are building capabilities that enable our brands to make decisions digitally. It is an opportunity to drive overall speed to market, creating products closer to the season and more relevant to consumer needs. This can positively impact lower returns, stock write offs and discounting, making digital product creation the foundation of a more financially and environmentally sustainable model.”

Through ByondXR’s immersive programs, MAS is able to showcase new collections to global brands in virtual showrooms. The experience was elevated with 3D designs created by ByondXR’s partner, Browzwear, a leading provider for 3D fashion solutions, which acted as an essential sell-in-tool. MAS designers Indeevari and Serena said “Key multimedia elements including live videos, turntables, and 3D visuals, along with easily accessible links to showrooms and live feedback from customers have made this experience a true value addition”.

Showcasing seasonal collections on a scalable self-service platform enables international buyers to engage with the 3D models and experience features beyond what is possible through physical interactions. “Products can now be presented in a story like flow, with special features and prices embedded for easy reference,” says Inoka Business Director, Linea Aqua at MAS, who also highlights that this tool makes customer access to products just one click away.

“The platform has the potential to be the single host of all our product archives” said Kasuni, Business Director at MAS Intimates, adding that virtual experiences reduce the need for buyers to travel to a physical space, expediting the buying process and reducing operational costs in the long term.

As the current landscape of retail evolves into the Metaverse, MAS identifies the value and importance of investing in innovative and cutting-edge platforms to generate new business opportunities. “We see a hybrid future of online and offline presence” said MAS’ Chief Digital Officer, Jehan. “To have a truly sustainable and agile supply chain, building capability that adds value to both worlds and to seamlessly blend across the virtual and physical work stream is important” he added.

Noam Levavi, ByondXR’s CEO said “MAS is a true tech pioneer in their field, we have been on a journey with them for a while now and it is absolutely inspiring to see how they utilize ByondXR’s platform to build and present sales pitches with an undeniable value that really makes them stand out in front of their customers”

About ByondXR

Founded in 2016, ByondXR is transforming retail through its immersive eCommerce platform. By creating virtual environments mimicking real-life stores and showrooms, ByondXR has created an engaging experience for consumers to browse products online and decorate their homes more efficiently. Its customizable 3D platform takes consumers on an interactive journey recreated with photorealism. ByondXR’s virtual solutions have given retailers not only a lifeline in the current environment, but a competitive edge in a forward-thinking future. For more information, visit, or view the company’s press kit here.

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