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Finally, we spoke to the Malaysian Point of Sale (POS) system provider Aoikumo, the brand was providing its services clients in the field of beauty, medical and wellness.

At the time, however, CEO Kevin Nair had already expressed interest in serving the Vulcan Post in dental clinics.

A little over a year later, he was proud to have achieved that goal. Within a month of launching the new POS system, kumoDent, 15 dental clinics were already entered.

System adaptation

It all started with the consultation of dental industry players who learned about Aoikumo’s POS system in 2019 from beauty and medical service providers.

When the MCO hit in 2020, the Aoikumo team thought it was the right time to focus developmental attention on a proper dental POS system.

But if Aoikumo’s existing POS system was able to serve beauty, medical, and wellness service providers, why did they have to take more steps to create a new system just for dental clinics?

Kevin replied, “We lacked a graph of teeth and periodontals, and at the same time the patient’s journey, that is, the flow from the point where the patient arrives at the clinic to the billing, was different.”

KumoDent’s Periodontal Graph / Image Credit: kumoDent

You know: The periodontal refers to anything related to or affecting the structures that surround and support the teeth.

“In addition, Aoikumo had more features than what dental clinics required, such as package control, marketing module, step-by-step commissions, etc.”

Despite these differences, the goal of the group was to share the same kumoDent and Aoikumo platform.

In this way, kumoSan (staff management) and kumoBiz (lite version of POS system to streamline business operations) applications can also be used by kumoDent subscribers, eliminating the need to develop more separate ones.

However, this plan came with a note. “What we were doing was we had to make sure that when the kumoDent was launched it would not interrupt existing Aoikumo customers,” Kevin said.

Thus, the team spent the most time in testing to ensure that its architecture could sustain its addition of kumoDent.

Caring for their customers ’customers

KumoDent is not the only POS system in Malaysian dental clinic, but here too foreign competitors offer their services.

But Kevin believes he and the Aoikumo team have lowered their USPs. Creating the most technological and efficient system would mean nothing if those who want to use it can’t invent it.

As the main users of KumoDent are nurses and doctors, the team ensures that any new features and functions released are easy to use. At the same time, they provide easy-to-access support and assistance.

Then there are the value-added services within the Aoikumo ecosystem, which include the aforementioned kumoSan application.

Looking at customers, Aoikumo has the MeTIME Wellness app for patients to book appointments, check past transactions and more.

KumoSan app (left) and MeTIME Wellness app (right) / Image credit: kumoDent

Among the plans to improve it is to add an in-app purchase feature that allows patients to pay for treatments in-app.

And it is said that because of the power of knowledge, kumoDent provides patients with post-treatment care notes that provide advice on how to care for your teeth, after filling your teeth or after removing your teeth, for example.

This end-of-life care has become popular among kumoDent’s target customers, and dental clinics now account for about 10% of Aoikumo’s retail subscribers, and Kevin points out that there is a growing number.

In focus and on the way

Next year, Aoikumo aims to include a total of 300 clinics in kumoDent. The team has put budgets in place to increase sales and marketing efforts to raise awareness and strengthen brand identity.

After those efforts, Kevin said, “We’re still on track and we’re sure we’ll reach our goal next year.”

As for other growth targets, he responded: “Regional and international expansion, if the situation allows, as well as increased adoption of the MeTIME Wellness app to facilitate patient bookings and purchases.”

Although the options are endless, Kevin and his team are choosing to focus on kumoDent and Aoikumo first, but will not rule out other verticals in the medicine and wellness industry in the future.

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Image credit: Aoikumo

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