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Philippines rejects bid to ban Marcos Jr. from running for president Election News

Lawyers who filed a lawsuit against Ferdinand Marcos Jr. – based on a past tax ruling – say they will file an appeal.

The Philippine Electoral Commission has rejected a request to ban Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the son of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos, from running in the May presidential election.

Lawyers for the petition said it had rejected the second division of the Electoral Commission (COMELEC). Complaint against Marcos Jr., Known as Bongbong.

They argued that he had not nominated a candidate for a past tax ruling.

The commission ruled that there was no “reason to cancel” Marcos Jr.’s candidacy, lawyers said in a statement Monday.

They said they would file an appeal with COMELEC with the entire judge.

“We thank the Electoral Commission for respecting the law and for the right of all the best candidates like Bongbong Marcos to run for public office without harassment or discrimination,” said Vic Rodriguez Vicos in a statement.

The case is one of more than half a dozen that Marcos Jr. is seeking to disqualify from running in the election. His father fled to Hawaii after overthrowing the 1986 People’s Power Revolution and died in exile shortly afterwards.

However the fame of his family, Marcos Jr. has had a successful career as a politician at the local, regional and national levels, and today antecedent Boxing champion Manny Pacquaio and current vice president Leni Robredo gather in a crowded constituency.

Incumbent Rodrigo Duterte cannot run again because Philippine presidents have a six-year term.

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