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Russian attack kills 23 in civilian convoy in Ukraine: Governor | Russia-Ukraine war News

Targeted humanitarian convoy planned to travel into Russian-occupied territory to pick up relatives and take them to safety, Zaporizhzhia regional governor says.

A Russian missile attack on the Ukrainian city of Zaporizhzhia killed at least 23 people and wounded dozens of others, an Ukraine official said.

Zaporizhzhia regional Governor Oleksandr Starukh made the announcement in an online statement on Friday. He said there were at least 28 wounded when Russian forces targeted a humanitarian convoy heading to Russian-occupied territory.

He posted images of burnt out vehicles and bodies lying in the road.

Russia did not immediately acknowledge the attack.

“As of now we know about 23 dead and 28 injured. All civilians, local people. Burn in hell damned Russians,” Oleksandr Starukh wrote on Telegram.

Starukh said those in the convoy planned to travel into Russian-occupied territory to pick up their relatives and then take them to safety. He said rescuers were at the site of the attack.

It comes as Moscow prepares to annex four regions into Russia after an internationally criticized referendum vote as part of its invasion of Ukraine. Those regions include areas near Zaporizhzhia, but not the city itself, which remains in Ukrainian hands.

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