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Shoaib Akhtar: All pacers in India are good, it would be great if they could develop their attitude too

Shoaib Akhtar was a beast but beautiful to see in his time. The muscular muscles rushed to the wicket, his hair fluttering back, the spine of the seasoned egg whites that often made him tremble to release those thunders.

The world of cricket remembers the successive yorkers swinging after Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar were cleared in the 1999 Kolkata Test match.

At 46, it’s not, of course, the first express ball, but the skills and attitudes are still there. They were on display at the opening game of Legends League Cricket. “I was born to be a star,” Shoaib says Sportsstar While talking about the popularity of its YouTube channel, which has attracted 31,000 subscribers, within two years of its launch. “I do it for my own pleasure (and these videos) become hits. I know I have a lot of followers in India and Pakistan. And I’m the most beloved guy on the subcontinent. ‘


Rizwan named Beaumont the ICC T20 cricketer of the year

He says he is happy that the subcontinent is still producing quality balls. And he is incredibly impressed with the current harvest of fast-paced Indians. “All pacers in India are good; I love Umesh Yadav, I love Jasprit Bumrah, “said Shoaib.” I think Mohammed Shami is great.

Talking about his decision to step down as Test captain of India, Virat Kohli said he was not surprised. “I was in Dubai at the time, and my Indian friends were telling me what was going on,” he says.

In the opening leg of the Legends League Cricket, he says he enjoyed the Asian Lions bowling experience against India Maharajas, even though it was painful. He took a 21 from the top four. “I hurt myself,” he says. “But I loved it.”

The audience loved it too.

The writer is in Muscat invited by Legends League Cricket

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