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SonderCare Expands Its Catalog With A New Lift Chair Solution


Brings innovative new home healthcare product for luxury and support at their fingertips

SonderCare, a renowned name in the home medical equipment industry, has recently expanded its product catalog to include a luxury medical lift chair to benefit people looking for increased safety and independence across North America.

For over 25 years, SonderCare has provided quality institutional and homecare solutions through innovative home healthcare products. These healthcare products which include the new SonderCare Essence Rise & Recline Chair, as well as the popular Aura line of home hospital beds have left an indelible mark on the lives of those looking to age in place or stay safe while seeking medical treatment in their homes.

SonderCare has been raising the bar for quality and innovation in home care safety products - Essence Lift Chair Features List Diagram Image
SonderCare Life Chairs

With this mindset, the company has been addressing the gap between patients’ actual needs and the availability of relevant products in the market. Through new-age innovations, it has tried to deal with complex challenges of fall prevention, senior homecare, memory care, as well as increasing the quality of life for bed bound patients. It was in 2016 that the company launched the only home hospital bed with clinical functionality and a residential home-like design in North America.

As a result, SonderCare has now added even greater comfort and convenience to its product line with the new SonderCare Lift Recliner that is packed with safety and luxury features. Essence Rise And Recline Chairs are designed with comfort, stability, support, as well as pressure reduction solutions in mind, making them one of the most advanced options in home medical reclining technology. Its memory foam seat significantly reduces pressure and adds even more stability and luxury to the chair experience.

Some of the other features of this chair include customizable heat and massage settings through four different areas that offer a soothing therapeutic experience. Each chair is designed with luxury ergonomic features and engineered to…


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