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Local media company Hepmil Media Group today (November 25) it announced the closure of the US $ 10 million Series A funding round.

Quest Ventures, Pavilion Capital – a privately held company in Temas Holdings – and Bent Pixels, the world’s largest gaming lifestyle media platform.

The group is owned by SGAG, MGAG, PGAG media companies, as well as the digital creative agency Hepmil Creators ’Network (HCN), and is the first fundraiser for institutional investors since its inception in 2015.

Over the years, it has evolved to become more than a digital media platform with technology and production capabilities, talent and actor management skills, as well as providing an inventory of specific media for the Southeast Asian (SEA) esports sector.

The new injection of funds will be used to support its regional expansion plans. It aims to grow its content and the platforms and capabilities of its creators, as well as expand its network of sports and games.

Earlier this year, Hepmil joined Indonesia through an exclusive partnership with EVOS Esports, which aims to address the growing esports market and provide an additional platform for brands and talents to connect with a highly engaged audience.

It has been profitable since day one

Hepmil also plans to grow more revenue, especially in developing content capabilities, to serve regional trade actors in efforts to target direct consumers, as well as expand to Thailand and Vietnam in 2022.

The company has continued to be profitable since its inception as its revenue grows from one to eight.

With a presence in four SEA markets, Hepmil Media Group expects a strong revenue evolution in 2020, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.

The group attributes its strong performance to the growing demand for online content and advertising inventory as brands focus on the first digital approach to reach a growing online customer base.

“Through the expansion and investment to build capabilities to drive innovative and innovative solutions for brands, we hope to redefine SEA’s digital media and entertainment sector and continue to be the preferred platform for brands to work,” said Karl Mak, CEO and co-founder of Hepmil Media Group.

In the coming months, Hepmil Media Group will enter into a joint venture with Bent Pixels to form Bent Pixels Asia Private Limited.

Headquartered in Singapore, Bent Pixels Asia will allow Hepmil Media Group to expand and reach its impact in the SEA esports community, being a preferred media provider reserved for YouTube in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

The group is also looking to expand HCN, which links the region’s major and upcoming comedy and entertainment creators, to create content together and book an inventory of ads to ensure targeted campaigns are engaging and effective.

Today, the Web has more than 300 creators at SEA, and they help get more than three billion views every month.

At the same time, it seeks to deepen the capabilities of SGAG, MGAG and PGAG to support new areas of content niches, such as social commerce.

This will include a new incubation program to empower creators to grow their social sales skills, and partnerships with e-commerce partners in the region to encourage direct consumer efforts.

Finally, the Group will strengthen its team to support the expansion of operations in the region, as well as to create new roles to support further development in the digital media space.

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