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The English-backed football regulator is backed by the government

The government gave initial support to the creation of an independent football regulator in England on Thursday with the aim of protecting the future of clubs by providing financial oversight and assessing the suitability of potential owners.

Announcement by Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries Following the publication of a football government review led by a former sports minister, Tracey Crouch, she concluded that the match could not be postponed.

The review was ordered by the government in April after a failed attempt by the six major Premier League clubs to launch the European Super League. The review recommended giving “vets” a share of veto powers to groups of fans on key issues such as clubs trying to participate in breakaway competitions, moving stadiums or changing club colors.

The UK government report recommends an independent football regulator

The review panel also looked at the aftermath of the collapse of Bury, who was expelled from the Football League after 125 years in 2019 after property problems and financial turmoil.

“We’re at a turning point in football in this country,” Dorries said. “The opinion is a detailed and worthwhile work, and will require a full government response and a fixed plan of action.

“But the main recommendation of the review is clear, and the government is choosing to accept it in principle today: football needs a strong, independent regulator to secure the future of our national game. .

An independent regulator would ensure that clubs are run in a sustainable manner and for the benefit of their communities through a licensing system based on Crouch’s review approach. The regulator would be responsible for administering enhanced tests for owners and managers.

“Opinion proves that there are fundamental problems with our national sport and that this deserves radical reform,” Dorries said. “Fans across the country want and deserve this reform.”

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