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The investment should be in line with the World Cup plan, says US Star Morgan

Alex Morgan said increasing investment in women’s play should be part of a plan for a biennial World Cup.

Morgan, the star of the U.S. women’s national team, is part of a technical team of FIFA advisers announced this week, and is considering a proposal to host the World Cup every two years.

“In terms of the World Cup, we’ve looked at not only the financial part of it, but also the increase in the number of federations with women’s teams that play all year round, not just playing in the playoffs every four years – or maybe a year. The future every two years,” she said. Morgan. “So how do we keep pushing the women’s game and putting more money into it? That’s also a big part, I don’t think you can have one without the other. You can’t have a World Cup every two years without reaching the financial part.”

Former U.S. coach Jill Ellis leads the team, including former and current players, coaches, referees and administrators.

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Morgan is open to a two-year plan, but did not fully admit on Tuesday that he was talking to reporters ahead of the U.S. team’s game against South Korea in Kansas City (Kansas) on Tuesday.

“With the history of the World Cup alone, I think it’s very difficult to understand the concept of changing every four years because it’s what we’ve done historically and are accustomed to,” Morgan said. But I also look at the growth of women’s play and whether it can really benefit the league of clubs around the world, benefit all federations and their players in terms of visibility, get more coverage for women’s football. ”

FIFA last month announced plans to reshape the calendar of international football competitions to hold the Men’s and Women’s World Cup every two years.

The idea has been widely criticized. UEFA and CONMEBOL have threatened to boycott the tournament and the International Olympic Committee has also spoken out against the plan. FIFPro, the union of world actors, has also expressed concern.

Morgan said a biennial World Cup is not an agreement, which is why the advisory committee is important.

“There’s still a lot of discussion to be done, but I think this advisory committee was created to listen to the players. So if all the players were to say, “No, this is crazy, we can’t do this, this will hurt women’s football worldwide in a very big way where we can’t recover from this” that is (FIFA President Gianni Infantino) and FIFA will hear ? Of course, ”he said. “The purpose of this advisory committee is to obtain the consent of the players, which will have a positive and negative impact. It’s not a quick decision. “

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