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The Lending Times Launches New Website

The Lending Times, an online publication designed to help educate young adults on the full menu of lending options, announced the launch of its new website today. The new website features educational articles on lending, daily mortgage rate updates, and the ability to get matched with lenders.

“We are excited to finally bring our new website to life,” The Lending Times CEO Randy Abbe said. “We created the site to be a financial and lending education hub for young adults who are just starting to navigate the world of lending. Lending can be a tricky subject, especially for beginners, and that’s what we’re here to do: helping people find the right lending to start their financial journey.”

The Lending Times’ new website is designed as a one-stop shop for borrowers to learn about the ins and outs of lending. Created for the young home buyer, the site features articles on FHA home loan requirements along with information on how a 203k rehab loan works. These lending articles are part of the site’s Lending 101 series. The series gives borrowers a better understanding of the current lending landscape while also outlining the foundational components of lending.

In addition to educational reading, The Lending Times has calculators to give borrowers an idea of how much house they can afford. Using their calculator, borrowers can see an amortization schedule based on their anticipated purchase price, down payment, term and interest rate. Each of these variables can be changed as borrowers look to find the monthly payment that works for their budget.

Borrowers are also able to couple the mortgage calculator with current mortgage rates. In addition to publishing the real-time mortgage interest rates daily, The Lending Times allows borrowers to find and compare rates for home loans, credit cards, and personal and business loans. In addition to seeing the rates, borrowers can contact lenders through links on the site, providing them the ability to not…

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