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Parag Agrawal’s nomination for the top spot on Twitter increases the role of immigrants in the world’s leading technology companies.

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Twitter Inc. He became an Indian-born CEO who became the last titan in Silicon Valley on Monday, teaming up with Microsoft and Google to recognize that the Asian country is one of the richest sets of tech talent in the world.

The appointment of former Chief Technology Officer Parag Agrawal on Twitter increases the role that immigrants play in the world’s largest technology companies. Satya Nadella of Microsoft Corp., Shantanu Narayen of Adobe Inc., Arvind Krishna of International Business Machines Corp. and Sundar Pichai of Alphabet Inc. join the top executives of U.S. companies of Indian origin. Between them, that group of executives leads companies with a combined market value of about $ 5 trillion. Outside of technology, Indra Nooyi of PepsiCo Inc. he directed for 12 years and Ajay Banga is the executive chairman of Mastercard Inc. for a decade as CEO.

Like his fellow villagers in the valley, Agrawal comes from technical training and grew up in the company. At 37, he is the youngest CEO of any S&P 500 company. Agrawal earned an engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology as he has created generations of important politicians and corporate leaders as the country’s leading technology universities, including Pichai and Krishna. He obtained a foundation in Silicon Valley after earning his doctorate in computer science from Stanford University.

“Being in Indiana is a big advantage now, people expect to be good engineers and good managers,” said Vive, author of a book explaining the rise of Wadhwa Harvard Law School Distinguished Fellow and Nadella at Microsoft. “As far as I know, Parag Agrawal shares Satya’s values ​​and has a similar management style.”

Jack Dorsey, founder and CEO of Twitter, acknowledged that Agrawal’s technical capabilities are a “transformation” in his resignation note. But the new leader will have the skill to navigate thorny issues that will soon be tested, such as freedom of expression, racial relations and relations with governments.

In a strange interview a year ago, Agrawal described the method of tackling disinformation on Twitter as “an increasingly nuanced approach with a range of interventions”. Echoing a long-standing emphasis on Dorsey’s attempt to keep the Twitter platform neutral, “we try not to judge the truth, we focus on potential harm.”

In his hometown, where Twitter has nearly 20 million users, the Agrawal company has been attacked by the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in several areas. His administration has been reluctant to remove messages in support of farmers ’protests and has criticized leaders of both sides of the political disruption for managing tweets. Twitter plays a similar role to what it does in the U.S. in domestic political discourse, with Modi’s account alone having 73 million followers.

The raising of Agrawal will help, according to Wadhwa. “Jack’s arrogance turned off a lot of government,” he said. “If you consider how Microsoft hasn’t been a left-wing or right-wing target in the U.S., it’s because of its ability to listen to Satya and critics and maintain balance. I hope Agrawal will do the same. ”

To date, Agrawal has maintained a low profile and has concentrated its experience in product development and market research. He was named the first famous engineer on Twitter for his role in helping to increase audience growth and revenue before becoming a CTO. Now the CEO, it will be essential to navigate a more enjoyable course with India to broaden the reach of Twitter to expand these goals. The country is already Meta Platforms Inc.’s largest WhatsApp user base with half a billion users, Alphabet’s YouTube has an almost large audience, and Twitter ranks it among the growing markets.

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