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The Perfect Intimate Care Routine for Winter 2022 with Skin Elements

Poor intimate hygiene can lead to many issues such as bad odor, irritation and inflammation. Thanks to societal pressures men often neglect their personal hygiene. Men should practice good intimate hygiene all year round, but the winter is particularly crucial. Dry skin brought on by the colder weather may make the intimate area more prone to inflammation. To stay healthy and prevent future infections, it becomes necessary to practice increasing amounts of intimate care and hygiene.

How to maintain good intimate hygiene in winter?

You may be wondering how to maintain proper personal hygiene now that you know how important it is to do so, particularly during the winter. What routine should you follow? Or what steps should you take? Well, let’s dive into it!

Here are some suggestions for keeping your intimate area hygienic and clean during the winter:

Wash gently: Since soaps can be particularly harsh to your intimate area, wash with warm water and an intimate wash for men instead. Select an intimate wash that won’t bother your genitals’ delicate skin. Using hot water might further dry your skin, so avoid doing so.

Moisturize regularly: Use a light, unscented lotion or cream to keep your skin hydrated. After washing, apply and pat dry.

Wear loose-fitting clothes: Tight-fitting undies can restrict the intimate area, leading to discomfort. To allow your genitals to breathe, put on boxer briefs or other loose-fitting undergarments.

Avoid scented products: Scented products, such as powders, sprays, or soaps, can irritate the skin in your intimate area. If you must, use them sparingly and then thoroughly wash your hands.

Take a break from sexual activity: If your genital area is already irritated, engaging in sexual activity will only make it worse. Take a break from it until the pain has subsided if you’re in any discomfort, or better yet, see a doctor.

Following other self-care advice and washing your intimate area with a quality intimate wash will help you avoid…

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