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The unrest continues in Martinique, Guadeloupe, when some talks begin Coronavirus pandemic News

Protests over COVID’s cuts have become a call to deal with long-standing problems in French territory.

Demonstrators looted shops and set up barricades in Martinique at night, the French newspaper France Info reported that unrest over coronavirus restrictions has escalated in the French Caribbean island territory.

France Info on Thursday released a video of protesters targeting a shopping mall and fleeing with goods, as well as videos of protesters burning barricades on roads.

In the last week in Martinique and near Guadeloupe, protesters have done so they took to the streets in protest Concerning mandatory vaccination rules for healthcare workers, the requirement also in force in mainland France and other restrictions related to COVID-19.

Demonstrators set fire to tires and rubbish bins and blocked roads, police in Martinique came to the shots between incidents this week. Authorities said so on Wednesday took control of several gas stations due to concerns about fuel supply.

On Thursday, leaders of 17 union organizations that launched a general strike in Martinique met with local authorities in an attempt to find a solution.

In addition to ending the vaccination duty, protesters have called for a pay rise and a drop in gasoline prices.

In a statement, the Martinique authorities announced From 19:00 to 05:00 local time (23: 00-09: 00 GMT) they were establishing “until calm is restored” to “facilitate the intervention of security forces”.

Since Nov. 22, the territory has experienced a “city, a time of night violence,” the release says. He also said that 11 people were arrested and several weapons confiscated, without going into further details.

Meanwhile, French Minister Sebastien Lecornu, who is in charge of the country’s overseas territories, held a video conference on Thursday morning with the mayors of Guadalupe to “take stock of the health, safety and social situation”.

A similar meeting has been scheduled for Friday with other territorial officials, Lecornu’s office said in a statement statement. “These free and open exchanges will pay special attention to the priorities of young people in Guadalupe,” the ministry said.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Monday that a dialogue process had been set up for health workers who had expressed concern about the vaccination requirement “to convince and guide them individually”.

But while protests began over the reduction of coronaviruses, Natacha Butler of Al Jazeera said the people of Guadalupe have since used them to express their anger over long-standing problems in French territory.

“It’s about how many people in Guadeloupe feel as if they have the French Government [is] constantly telling them what to do, even though they are about 7,000 miles from Paris, ”Butler reported Thursday that health workers were protesting outside the hospital in Pointe-a-Pitre.

“A lot of people here say that they feel that Paris is constantly taking them as second-class citizens. There are problems with high unemployment here, there are problems with poverty, ”he said.

“For them, somehow, these protests against COVID’s cuts are an opportunity to express their grievances on a variety of issues.”

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