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Ukraine Economy To Receive Boost Thanks To QMALL And Oleksandr Usyk Partnership

The QMALL cryptocurrency exchange and Ukrainian professional boxer Oleksandr Usyk have officially partnered up ahead of the athlete’s upcoming fight against Anthony Joshua on August 20th. The objective of the partnership is to promote the cryptocurrency sector whilst also bolstering the European market and helping Ukraine’s economy get back on track and have its market operate at a global level.

Important details

The collective efforts and support for Ukraine of both Usyk and QMALL shall demonstrate the joint power and capabilities of the two top brands to not just cryptocurrency enthusiasts, but also sports fans in general. Keeping this in mind, Oleksandr will emerge for his fight in front of a packed audience while wearing QMALL merchandise, which isn’t a new phenomenon by any means as other athletes like Israel Adesanya also recently wore gear that was sponsored by and showcased

The partnership between QMALL and Oleksandr could very well be advantageous for the market and aid in its recovery, as cryptocurrencies remain highly popular around the world, and the sheer volume of mainstream attention paid to these digital assets cannot be overstated.

Furthermore, QMALL has a European license and is legally allowed to operate in Europe. The exchange currently has over 300,000 European traders, and a number of launchpads for new European cryptocurrency initiatives will be launched on the exchange next month in September. QMALL users will also be able to invest in a wide range of new projects exclusively through the exchange’s token. Holders of this token will find that they can access many additional benefits which will also have a direct effect on growth.

Previous achievements and future goals

Regarding previous accomplishments, QMALL’s announcement about the formation of Europe’s largest launchpad (QPad), which is open to crypto startups from all over the world, was a defining moment in the digital space. The project will be presented in…

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