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Working during Blackouts in Ukraine during the war: continuous service by WOW24-7


Blackouts in Ukraine affect all areas. Most services are unavailable during a power outage. But not for the resilient Ukrainians! WOW24-7 continues to work even during blackouts.

Critical infrastructure in Ukraine has been damaged because of terrible and uncontrolled russian attacks that have been going on for a year. Unfortunately, even the largest companies can only sometimes ensure the smooth operation of their services. Firstly, this problem concerns the difficulty of securing a high-quality Internet connection without interruption. Secondly, laptops run out of charge quickly if not plugged into the power source.

How does an American Customer Support Outsourcing company manage and maintain a high standard of its operations in current conditions in Ukraine?

WOW24-7 has a certificate ISO-27001 in accordance with which a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) was developed years before the full-scale Russian aggression. This document includes a clear set of actions in case of different situations that have a probability of interrupting the service. Therefore, the company was ready for unexpected situations even before February 2022.

However, of course, the company management has been revising the guidelines to ensure a reliable service to the customers who have placed their trust in WOW24-7.

Here is what Denys Dubner, CEO of WOW24-7, mentions in his articles:

  • We all have a plan of action if electricity or the Internet gets cut off. Our Customer Support Agents, Key Account Managers, and Team Leads act according to clear instructions, sharing responsibility.
  • We have moved the main servers to Germany. It ensures that a Russian missile reaches no server in Ukraine. Every employee is now connected to a server in a NATO country.
  • Our Customer Support teams are now spread between different countries: Ukraine, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Japan, the UK, the USA, and Canada. It allows us to utilize the backup agents inside every team without a risk of failure. Up…


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