13 Comments to relax readers

The last few weeks have been a bit hectic, and I’ve had some time to relax. We love learning how to de-stress and recharge, so here are comments from 13 readers soothing

Quick fixes:

“What I’ve always liked is going through the car wash. Being in this coconut has something to do with it, cleaning all the swirling brushes and pouring water and sweat. Christine

“I don’t even make a point, but I go to thread shops to touch and tighten the thread. Bright colors help, as well as knowing that point-by-point in general calms people down. I relax with osmosis. ” Miruska

“Walking through the corridors of the library. Better than a spa. ” Conner

“Sitting on a bench and watching people. Last weekend, I made a solo appointment, picked up the frozen press, and sat on the bench for half an hour. It was wonderful. ” Alexandra

“Listening to pleasant conversations with strangers, such as on public transportation, hairdressers, etc.” – Alice

In home routines:

“I was going to sleep listening to history lectures. Immersing myself in the Middle Ages or the ancient Greek world takes away my current mental problems, and reminds me that people have come out of very difficult times. ” – Erin

“When I come back to the Harlem studio every afternoon, I say out loud,‘ Hello, beautiful house! ’ As a vital worker, I have seen a deepening of my gratitude for a quiet, safe and stable home. ” Margo

“When I put my girls to bed, we play with the senses: five things you can see, four things you can feel, three things you can hear, two things you can smell, and one thing you can taste. My girls are between three and five years old, and sometimes their answers are so much fun! ‘I can taste the tongue. I smell the wind. ‘ They love it and it certainly calms them down. ” – Kelly

In sudden moments:

“On the weekends, my dog ​​and I are the first, so I make a cup of tea and check all the plants. Sometimes that means watering and pruning, sometimes just sitting together and enjoying the peaceful greenery. ” – Rachel

“I started whispering to my little daughter when I fell asleep at night:“ Thank you for this day, for all the birds that are safe in their nests, for all this for life. ”Barbara Kingsolver’s Prodigal Summer movie and maybe it will become one of our bedtime rituals “. – Megan

In good times:

“This year, I started drinking hot chocolate every evening while my kids took a nap. Homemade with 70% dark chocolate squares, Dutch cocoa powder process and oat milk. Taking that time to take care of myself made up for all the difficult things that happened to a baby during the day. I keep doing it every day, despite the summer heat waves. ” – Shira

“If I’m alone at home and I feel lazy, I eat spaghetti hoops on a toast with melted cheese. Then Ben and Jerry and my husband would give up the romance of yesteryear. ” Cece

When fleeing:

“My husband and I have a ritual to go somewhere once a month. Even if it’s just a night out, it’s an amazing way to reset without going unnoticed. This weekend, we spent less than $ 200 on a nearly 200-acre cabin with horses, cats, and more! “- Daniela

What is your favorite way to unwind? Something that always does the trick? We would love to hear …

PS More great comments from readers and bedtime reflection.

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