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25 outdoor gift ideas: water bottles, fire pits and more

Lots of people outside wait all year for winter. It’s time to head down the snowy slopes or relax in the quiet, cold solitude of the suddenly empty roads and campsites. What’s more, more people love to gather around a fire pit in the yard or walk around town with comfortable coats, fuzzy hats, and steam bowls.

If you know a special person who intends to thrive outdoors this winter, or if you know someone who has done it like a bear and hibernated until spring, we’ve covered you with this guide to some of the best gifts an outdoor person would like.

If you don’t see anything you like here, don’t forget to check out our more information buying guides. We have a number of outdoor equipment guides, among others Itinerary 101, du The best action cameras, The best rain jackets, Best Fitness Tracker, and The best electric bikes.

Updated November 2021: We’ve added more than a dozen new products, from whimsical socks to practical equipment that can perform a dual function on the route and in the city.

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