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They are the best thing that happens to AirTags Tile

April 20, Apple pulled Tile’s business out of the water. The AirTags forecast It introduced Tile, created in 2012, with a direct, if not better, rival to its main product line. Tile’s small followers who put people in keys, bags and bikes have been successful, earning $ 40 million. investment this September and the first half of 2021, revenues will increase by 50%.

However, when AirTags hit stores in May of this year, CJ Prober Til CEO jo in his company’s formidable new rival. Prober said Apple was a “monopoly on the escape train,” and while Til “welcomes Apple’s competition,” it should be. fair competition.

Since Tile’s complaints restricted Tile’s access to the “Find My” network to the alleged deterioration of its close relationship, Tile trackers were available for purchase in the Apple Store, and are no longer available. As for the test, Apple was coming for lunch. Six months later, Tile released its latest Mate, Pro, Sticker and Slim tracker. Tile Ultra, its first ultra-wide band (UWB) tracker – The same “GPS on the scale scale” technology within AirTags is available early next year.

Often Apple’s entry can legitimize a sector, as it does with smart watches. Did this happen because he jumped into that market with his followers? According to the tests, the business is pink. “We have sold over 40 million tiles. Revenues rose in the first half of the year. The activation of third-party products, our main focus, has risen by more than 200 percent year-on-year. Business is good. ”

But the unrest remains. Prober is still unhappy with Apple and says Apple’s actions have hit his business in a very difficult way. “We’re seeing a really strong business boost, despite Apple’s unfair competition.” It wasn’t long ago that Tile’s products could be purchased at the Apple Store, Prober said. “And then, very quickly, they threw us out of their stores. They implemented several changes to the platform that made our experience obsolete, as they were launching a new Find My experience. Despite all that, and Apple prefers itself, the business is good, but obviously it’s better if we’re competing straight. ”

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