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A common grave, Justin Trudeau and Gaza Gaza


Justin Trudeau is lying.

The Prime Minister of Canada has proven that he is a convictless chameleon calculator, and when circumstances demand it, he is conditioned to shed his growing photos and individual detachments – all with the honesty of a mannequin.

The new evidence of Trudeau’s weak and deceptive essence was a grotesque discovery of a grotesque man who allegedly found the remains of 215 indigenous children in an “residential school” abandoned in British Columbia.

These kidnapped children are part of the 150,000 indigenous children who were systematically stolen from their parents, homes and nations for more than a century, then dressed as dolls and placed in internment camps run by military jealous Catholic discipline. it dispelled evil in mind, body, and spirit.

More than 6,000 indigenous children were killed in these internal camps – victims of religious indoctrination, loneliness, disease, neglect, savagery, hunger and sexual abuse, all of which were part of state-sanctioned genocide.

In late May when Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc found out that the First Nation had buried common graves with some children (some minors) buried there, Trudeau’s first impulse was to run to a transient social network platform. moments and dignity to stop the rude message when they demanded a serious and solemn response.

“The news found at the old Kamloops residence school has broken my heart – it is a painful reminder of this dark and embarrassing chapter in the history of our country. I am thinking about all that this sad news has caused. We are here for you,” Trudeau wrote on Twitter on May 28. , to keep the online platform within the 280-character limit.

It is necessary to surprisingly undo Trudeau’s tweet to reveal not only the brilliance of his signature but also the level, absurd nature and historical illiteracy of this prime minister.

A few years later, the remains of hundreds of children were found harassed and left alone in the district camp, which is not “bad news”.

More specifically, the white settlers are further evidence of the genocide that is taking place and is still taking place against Indigenous peoples, that the First Nations of Canada were indeed victims and that they still completely reject or reject the conclusion that they believe they remain victims.

This stubborn and widespread denial may contain Trudeau’s topical and enduring suggestions that throwing the bodies of indigenous children into a dirty dirty pool “breaks my heart” and “represents a painful reminder of this dark and shameful chapter in our country”. history ”.

The genocide of Canada’s Indigenous peoples is not, as Trudeau puts it, a mere chapter in the country’s “dark” history, with tidy, recognizable beginnings and endings.

As one strict legislator points out, this is the “complete plot” of how evangelical settlers deliberately and boldly did it, beginning before the Canadian Confederation in 1867, to colonize and erase indigenous peoples and ancient beliefs if necessary. and traditions as part of the stated policy of “killing the Indian in the child”.

Trudeau’s pessimism stressed that Canada’s systemic cruelty against First Nations, which it often eradicates, means “shameful” that most Canadians have acknowledged, let alone acknowledged, in the name of God and country, the atrocities perpetrated against indigenous children, women and men. – yesterday Today and Tomorrow.

They don’t.

The truth is that only in 2019, after a few tricks, was Trudeau disappointed that the country he was directing to “accept” committed genocide but only with regard to indigenous girls and women who have disappeared and been killed in recent decades.

And this past week, I suspect that many Canadians have taken too much of the playoffs between two bitter hockey opponents – the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens. As a result of their disappearance, they have taken more than “news” into account of their nation’s responsibility. 215 in a common pit of small bodies, in so many other pits not yet found among so many other small bodies.

That way, it can be elusive to see the “pain” that Canadians can experience after learning about a domestic evil.

The long and contemptuous record, in this score, is clear: Trudeau and his previous doubles have repeatedly refused to “reconcile” themselves with the sacrosanct promises of violence and resolve the sad racism and human anger visited by indigenous peoples.

Indigenous peoples have promised to address the persistent lack of access to drinking water and clean housing. They have promised to tackle violent abuse and neglect in indigenous hospitals. They have promised to address the imprisonment and suicide of indigenous peoples in huge numbers. They have promised to address the disappearance and murder of indigenous children and women in equal numbers. In the end, they have promised to deal with the ongoing rupture and plunder of indigenous lands.

Meanwhile, in a remarkable and horrific act of hypocrisy, Trudeau and company spent millions fighting the survivors of the internment camps in court for compensation for the irreparable damage they suffered.

Seeing the litany of lies and deceptions, Trudeau’s departure, the greetings of the usually happy greeting cards, “We are here for you,” did nothing to convince him that he was willing to offer others who were not party members or the prime minister or his late government. Indigenous peoples in Canada who are severely wounded are nothing more than mere comforters.

Still, Trudeau is adept at transmitting gravity-thin tissues through invented displays of empathy.

Recall that this young prime minister was brought to his knees amidst the oppressive media oppression, solidarity with the racist racism of the Black Lives Matter movement, as a result of the broadcast of a video showing numerous photos and videos of an adult Trudeau wearing racist racism. .

So when Trudeau’s initial response to the discovery of the mass grave said it was inappropriate and inappropriate from the depths of the horrific discovery, he ordered the Canadian flags of the Ottawa Peace Tower and other federal buildings to be lowered to half mast. .

In addition to softening his criticisms, the symbolic directive aimed to prove that Trudeau and the country were united in grief and memory.

The other performance was tiring and compelling.

A day later, on May 31, Trudeau revived his rhetoric, presumably to impress the “communities” of the first nations as he felt their pain.

“They were kids who deserved to be happy. Above all, they deserved to be safe. As a father, I can’t imagine what it would feel like to have my children removed. And as prime minister, I am impressed with the shameful policy of stealing indigenous children from children’s communities, ”he said.

Ironically, Trudeau’s remarks – designed to herald his father’s responsible authority – greatly reaffirmed his bleak nature and confusing double standards about the sanctity of life.

Remember that in the 11-day bombing of Israel in Gaza in May, 66 children were killed and so many were mutilated, traumatized and orphaned – all deserving to be happy and safe – said Trudeau that he was never “terrified” of being besieged again by his beloved Canadian friends and allies. he released against the Palestinians in terror.

Remember, moreover, that once Trudeau took Palestinian mothers and fathers as “fathers”, he again had to “take” his sons and daughters “away” violently and violently by a ruthless, “shameful” policy of apartheid by the occupying army. intention to judge.

Although separated by time and distance, this is an unavoidable truth, with children killed in a prison in Israel called Occupied Palestine in a time when Canada associated indigenous children with dead children in “so-called residential schools” in prisons: their killers were beaten. .

Trudeau will never, of course, accept this truth, because he prefers to rotate who he is and what it is to rotate nice, postcard, and pretty myths.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the attitude of Al Jazeera’s editorial.


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