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While I was in college, my best friend took me to a woman-owned sex shop, where I found vibrators. I vaguely knew they existed, but trying to be honest made me feel exciting (in the best way).

Now, a few decades later, sex toys have become better than ever. Dame it was created by two women who wanted to revolutionize sex toys – a sexologist and an engineer. Through intelligent design, lots of research and lots of empathy, Dama makes products to enhance intimacy and close the pleasure gap.

First of all, did you hear about their new toy, Air? It is designed to simulate oral sex (creating rhythmic air pulses) and is selling fast. How amazing is that?

It’s their longest-selling Arch – He had a waiting list of over 3000 people (!) And is now back in stock. It has a sturdy motor, a small clitoris-stimulating bulb and a curved handle at your fingertips that will help you know the perfect place.

They are among the other beloved toys Pom, flexible vibration to fit into the palm of your hand, and Eva, a waterproof vibrating torque that you can use hands free.

And if you want to try something easy, Dama Bullet has a new atmosphere, Zee, is small but strong. It has three speeds and costs only $ 30.

Finally, you can find extras to enhance your pleasure, for example a five-star water-based lubricant, an excitation serum a hot tingle, and a a gentle toy cleaner.

Today, Dama gives her a happy reader Members Optional range + $ 150 gift card ($ 400 + value). To win, visit Checkers online store and leave a comment below. The winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Thank you!

Bonus for all readers: Get a 15% discount on your Lady’s order with the code COJ15 until September 30th. See everything Dam’s products here.

(This message is a sponsor Dame, a company owned by women we love and trust. Thank you for supporting the brands that support the Cup of Jo.)

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