A Week of Outfits: Charlotte Jacklin

Charlotte Jacklin He lives on the outskirts of Lincoln, a small cathedral town a few hours north of London. “You’re pretty old, like Harry Potter with cobblestone streets,” he says. “If you could visit, you’d think it’s pretty nice, but I wish we could do it with more restaurants and more exciting things!” She lives with her husband, four-year-old daughter and nearly a one-year-old dog. Here, she shares five outfits she wore in a week …

Top: jacket: Magpie Vintage. Dress: Stalf. Boots: Office.

“I think I have the confidence to wear loud clothes because my parents worked in fashion stores. They raised me around clothes. I went through a phase of about twenty years, I wore a lot of black and white and I got into the sixties. When I had a daughter, I ended up in the cake field where I am now. This dress has been made by a company called Stalf in Lincolnshire for an hour from me. I love that they are in a rural area and they do everything there. The daughter will say, ‘You are very pretty, mother. Can’t you rotate with that dress? ‘That has a big bonus in his world.’

A Week of Outfits: Charlotte Jacklin

Coat: Vintage greeting. T-shirt: Odd Molly. Jeans: Levis More. Boots: Office. Bag: Through Mark Cross eBay.

“After my daughter was born, I thought I wouldn’t wear jeans again because I went up some sizes. But then I found these jeans for Levi’s ribbed hook. They are my favorites. This is my jeans and t-shirt version. I added an old-fashioned coat, which was probably a dwarf’s nightgown originally. (It’s a replanted vintage; the woman cuts the bottom and changes the buttons and makes a sudden snack.) The bag is from eBay. I will tend to buy more expensive second hand pieces, especially handbags. They are often still in excellent condition and have value when you go to sell them again. “

A Week of Outfits: Charlotte Jacklin

Dress: Homeward Found Vintage. Vest: Honey. Basket: Blooming Dreamer. Boots: Office.

“It’s harder to find crops in larger sizes. I used to go into stores in the past and it wasn’t a problem, but now I find great things and they don’t zip up. This dress is a small wedding, but I love it. “Oh, you have a basket, and I do, but it’s very practical! I studied fashion at a very, very small university in the town. My school friends and I were dressed in BARRIZKI, and I’m laughing. I got used to it. I also think it comes with the age of confidence. I’m wearing it for myself, and if people think I find it a little weird, it doesn’t bother me too much. “

A Week of Outfits: Charlotte Jacklin

Hat: Yokoo Gibraan. Coat: The sea. Bag: Kate Spade. Joggers: Workers. Boots: Grenson.

“We took this picture on the beach an hour from home. I hope to meet someone who makes the weather ridiculous here – I have a hat on the beach and my arms are empty the next day. We’ve had hail in the last few hours. That’s why the British talk so much about the weather. I love this patchwork coat, and I love the cross bag so I can hold the dog to catch a child. ”

A Week of Outfits: Charlotte Jacklin

Band: Etsy. Dress: Continue. Shoes: Loeffler Randall. Bag: Through shrimp eBay.

“Here, my husband and I would go out late for lunch. It’s that we can eat away recently, so I wanted to dress up. Loeffler Randall shoes are for sale. I wait every year for their sale. I absolutely love them. My husband and I met when we were younger, in the 60s. I had fake eyelashes and a peroxide hive. He likes my style. She dresses well, even if she sometimes brings the puffer jacket home, and I don’t. That can be used at work.

“For my daughter, I hope, for her entire generation, that size is a smaller thing. I was very small in size. She is four years old and I hope she continues to be confident with what she is wearing. The most beautiful thing is the way you look in the mirror. There he is very proud of himself; he does not seek error. Perhaps his generation will accept more of the different body shapes. I cross my fingers, I live in hope. ‘

Thank you, Charlotte! Here Instagram and website, if you want to continue.

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