According to 3 experts, summer skin care is the perfect routine

Summer is synonymous with radiant and radiant skin. Images of neck stain faces, almost makeup and a natural look that kisses the sun have dominated the aesthetic landscape of the season. From the brilliance of effort GidgetOn the beach in the 1960s, with Lord’s latest “Solar Energy” fuel souvenirs that your legs should also look better in the summer. But because of its vitamin D goodness, it poses many challenges and questions for skin care in the summer:Should I pause my retinol routine in the summer? ” or “Do I have to play the exfoliation game? ” Like a summer day, our list of inquiries is long.

Fortunately, beauticians and skin care professionals have answered these and many other questions. It should be a good skin care routine even wherever you are, but occasionally adjustments here and there can cause the right changes. “You should only change your routine if your skin requires it,” says the famous facialist character Candace Marino. “But indoor and outdoor environments play a big role in how our skin behaves and will often help customers adapt.”

We surveyed three skin experts: Lauren Zaucha, a Nashville supplier Skin Pharm; Natalie Burt, Dallas ’leading popular beautician Conservation House; and Marino, in all questions of summer beauty. Prepare for a broad-spectrum SPF, equip the refrigerator with emergency aloe vera and read on for the best summer skin care.

Editor’s note: Although we’ve listed all the products that experts recommend for your summer skin care routine, you won’t have to buy them all. Everyone’s skin is unique and our journey to healthy skin is different; so experiment with different products or beauty tools to find out what works best for you and, more importantly, your budget. But most of all, have fun!

Exfoliate. Clean up. Repeat.

Although we know each other risks of excessive exfoliation, the most oily months on our skin seem to be asking for a little more. The best advice from our experts: do what your skin tells you to do.

“It looks like your skin is oiling during the summer months, it may be a good time to make your exfoliation game,” Zaucha advises. “In addition to adding an exfoliating cleanser, using an exfoliating mask once or twice a week is a great way to soften a baby’s skin.”

Also, don’t forget to add exfoliation to your body for summer skin healing; producing sunscreen products and oil can lead to unpleasant results.

Dr. Dennis Gross’s ultra smooth Peel Pad

“This is great for all skin types, but especially for those with sensitive skin.” – Natalie Burt

Clarify your summer skin care routine

As we rely on heavier skin moisturizers in the winter, consider swapping your moisturizer in exchange for a lighter formula when temperatures warm up, especially if you start to notice breakouts or imbalances. Of course, summer is something different depending on where you live. “Skin stressors vary from place to place,” notes Marino. “My customers in the desert are getting stuck in the humidity, and in the wet ones they’re switching to lighter weight formulas like gels.”

Augustinus Bader The Cream

“An excellent yet lightly moisturizing formula, this cream is packed with antioxidants and vitamins to help nourish and repair the skin. It also contains aloe vera, amino acids and a proprietary TFC8 that helps repair and strengthen the skin.” – Candace Marino

iS Clinical HydraCool Serum

“When someone is really oily or a very wet client, this hyaluronic acid-based gel is a great choice with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial medications to soothe the skin and prevent (or treat) fractures.” – Candice Marino

Felt Dermal Repair Ultra Nourish

“For those who need extra moisture due to the hot and dry climate, I love the one that Senté Dermal Repair Ultra Nourish recommends, as it corrects dryness and sensitivity while offering anti-aging benefits.” – Candice Marino

Skin Pharm’s papaya cleansing enzyme

“I like to add an exfoliating cleanser in the summer. Both physical and chemical cleansing help remove dead skin, dissolve pores and prevent breakage, but I prefer to use a chemical cleansing exfoliator because the skin is usually smoother and hard to avoid user mistakes. “- Lauren Zaucha

Retinol (almost) never needs rest

Unless you are pregnant or consult a doctor, a powerful skin care hero is your friend, even when sun exposure is at its peak. “It’s wrong to think that retinol is dangerous in the summer,” Marino says. “The only time when retinola is dangerous is when someone doesn’t take the necessary steps to protect their skin from the sun. Using SPF on a daily basis is necessary for the safe and effective use of retinoids. “

Natalie Burt, chief beautician at the Dallas Conservation House, doubles her anti-aging product in the sun-soaked months. “Summer is surprisingly my favorite time to start getting retinol,” he says. “Air humidity helps your skin adapt more easily because the process can be irritating.”

Hanna Isulen Flawless All in One

“We named this baby retinol because it’s a double-fingered fruit that can help you immerse yourself in the game of retinol.” – Natalie Burt

Add vitamin C to your vitamin D.

All of our experts agree that vitamin C products should be applied throughout the morning, although a powerful antioxidant can be especially helpful during the summer months. Research has shown topical product can be used to help optimize sunscreen and protect against harmful UV rays.

Pro Clinic Serum from IS Clinical

“This is one of my best-selling products. Customers like to protect the environment and the sun, as it has soothing and calming properties to reduce skin inflammation and redness. ”- Candace Marino

What makes up your makeup

“I usually recommend skipping the basics and looking for a tinted sunscreen or BB cream for lighter coverage in the summer. Then I treat areas with my problems with a concealer,” says Burt. “If you’re using base, beware of products that contain silicone or mineral oil.”

Summer Skin Care Routine requires SPF BFF

The importance of SPF can never be stressed enough, no matter what season you are in. That said, it looks like the SPF will become a market more saturated each yearTurning your perfect sponsor into a terrific experience.

“The best SPF is what works for you and what you will use constantly,” says Marino. “Imagine your type of texture and secondary benefits from the SPF you want. Do you want ink or something light? Do you want to double as a makeup primer or protect yourself from the sun? “

Said saturation has brought some fun innovations. Marino has branded the Supergoop brand for mastering the art of niche sunscreen products Shine shadow SPF silk eye shadow Powdered part of the poof. A beautician’s favorite skin care product just happens to be an SPF: Extreme Protect SPF 30 iS Clinical.

SkinBetter Science Sunbetter Smart Tone SPF 68 Compact

“This colored mineral cream formula blends in with most skin types, providing a more uniform and unified scars, making it the purest mineral SPF I’ve ever encountered.” – Candace Marino

Skin Pharm’s SPF dyed minerals

“I have melasma, a skin condition that is exacerbated by sunlight and heat. I use dyed SPF because it works together with zinc oxides and titanium dioxide to block harmful rays without creating additional heat energy. ”- Lauren Zaucha

If a scary event happens, how do you best treat sunburn?

All the experts agreed with this. The best plan of action if your sunscreen efforts fail: take a cold bath or use cold compresses (try adding whole milk to relax), take an aspirin or other anti-inflammatory and take out the most iconic post-sun medicine: pure aloe vera.

Herbivore Botanicals After the soothing mist of the sun

“This is my favorite aloe based product. It contains lavender, has pain-relieving properties and helps to remove heat from the burn while accelerating skin recovery time. ”- Candice Marino

Korres Yogurt Refrigerant Gel

“This lightweight non-sticky formula contains Greek yogurt to nourish and restore the skin.” – Candice Marino

Hanna Isul’s recovery ointment

“This product is specifically designed for burns and torn skin.” – Natalie Burt

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