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Did you hear that? With autumn comes the time to leave our comfort zones paint 2021 color trends. Whether you want to add an accent wall, you want to update a guest toilet, or if you need to overhaul your home office, there is no better way than to add a fresh coat paint. If you’ve been wanting to make some changes inside, then it’s time for experts to tell you what’s best.

We’ve touched on three interior designers to pick up on the biggest fall color trends of 2021 and their responses have not failed. They all agreed that it was time to give our homes a little mystery. This fall is about love and comfort. Julie Van Daele of Well received he explained that mostly people want their house to be warm and cozy. Getting a bright color into the dust baths, reading the nooks or crannies into the first bedroom is a great way to get your fingers in the water.

Liz Curtis, founder of the entertaining and profitable tablescape company, Table + Teaspoon, notes that “this fall will be anything but important.” They are eggshell, satin and shine outside. After a tumultuous incident in the last year and a half, we all want the basic and soothing nature of a straight matte finish. If possible, in a dark and warm tone.

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Van Dael also wants to update his space with these wonderful dark gray shades of brown. A The perfect way to create a pleasant, elegant and comfortable atmosphere when visiting your home is to use it in a powder bath. Be sure to add contrast with white to bring out the light.

This nostalgic old gray was inspired by a high weather barn and has brown tones that soften the gray hue.

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A very versatile shade, especially beautiful in small bathrooms and kitchens, for a gloomy but warm place.

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Moody blues

“Midnight blue stays running,” Van Daele mentions. Maggie Griffin, founder Maggie Griffin Design, she loves to mix blue and green with neutral tones to bring out the organic colors of the earth.

Add a little mysterious depth to the night sky with this rich, deep, and almost deplorable blue.

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Van Daele is part of this nice blue-gray hue to get the perfect and romantic color in your home office.

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Rich black-brown

Curtis is watching the rise of sweet and prosperous dark tones. A rich and comfortable black-brown bedroom can be used to achieve a smooth and comfortable cozy atmosphere in the bedroom. It is recommended to combine the darkest color with bright white to achieve a striking aesthetic.

Add a little too gothic without feeling too gothic with this dark tone.

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Curtis can’t get enough of this opulent black and brown shade.

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The subtle blue-green hues add to the complexity of this very bold dark tone.

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Fresh greens

Griffin noticed a rise in shades of green this time last year. Sage, olives, evergreens and eucalyptus. The greens look great with shades of white and light blue, but he sees them paired with weird tones like coral, eggplant and mustard.

Add a touch of drama to this magnificent dark emerald.

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The olive is huge right now, and this pale hue would look beautiful with a creamy neutral or even a red color.

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What do you think of this fall paint color trend? Are you inside or outside?

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