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Administrator Trump intercepted data from two Democratic lawmakers: Report | Donald Trump News

According to the NY Times, Justice Department prosecutors seized data from Apple about two Democratic lawmakers.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump prosecutors seized data from Apple about two Democratic lawmakers on the House Intelligence Committee, as well as their employees and family, The New York Times reported Thursday.

Communications metadata citations targeted California Congressman Adam Schiff, then Trump’s enemy, then the main Democrat at the table, and now the president, on paper.

The seizures of records were carried out in 2017 and early 2018 as the department investigated leaks of classified information in this regard. contacts Between the Trump administration and the Russian government, according to the newspaper.

Lawmaker Eric Swalwell told CNN on Thursday that he was the second Democratic lawmaker on the committee he was targeting.

“Apple informed me … that my records were hijacked. It’s wrong,” he said.

One of the targeted family members was a minor, the paper reported.

According to the Times newspaper, prosecutors working with Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the time made an unusual effort to find the source of the leaked classified information.

Justice Department officials directed not only data from lawmakers but also staff and families, most likely aimed at a minor, as investigators believed lawmakers were using their members ’or children’s devices to hide relationships with reporters.

The Department of Justice and Apple have not yet released a report.

In the end, no data or other evidence was linked to the leaks by the legislature or the Home Intelligence Commission, the Times said.

But the leaked investigation was recovered by Attorney General Bill Barr a year later, the newspaper reported.

The hijacking of these records has rarely been seen outside of corruption investigations.

‘Arming law enforcement’

Although Schiff did not confirm that he was the target of the investigation, the chief inspector of the Justice Department requested a probe to examine “this and other cases that suggest a corrupt president is armed with law enforcement.”

Trump “tried to use the Department as a warrior against his political opponents and members of the media. It is becoming increasingly clear that these demands were not being ignored,” Schiff said in a statement.

High Democrat Nancy Pelosi also called for an investigation, saying the New York Times report is “deplorable.”

“These actions seem to be another formidable attack on our democracy by the former president,” he said in a statement.

The Justice Department placed a gag order on Apple that expired this year, which means lawmakers were unaware of the probes until they were notified by the technology giant last month, according to the newspaper.

Schiff, who led the Democratic Attorney General in Trump in early 2020 in the first trial of Trump in the Senate, has long since spoken out against the former president, saying it was “dangerous.”

He has made the case Early Trump removal from office in early 2020 for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Trump was later acquitted. He was then indicted by the House, and acquitted by the Senate, for his alleged role in inciting the riots that erupted in the U.S. capital on January 6, 2021.

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