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Billy Joe Saunders jumps head-on with Canelo Alvarez, threatens to get out of the fight over a ring-sized dispute

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Billy Joe Saunders promised, win or lose, that he would have no excuse after Saturday’s planned fight with boxing superstar Canelo Alvarez. Now, Saunders threatens not to even enter the ring, as it has created a dispute over the size of the ring.

Saunders jumped on Tuesday to face Alvarez for the first time, and said he will not fight for less than a 24-meter ring.

“There’s a small squeeze that’s trying to fix everyone today,” Saunders said TALKkirola. I’ve left that up to the MTK management team here, which is actually quite a problem. The problem is that I’ve come here and they’re trying to get into a phone box in a boxing ring. [The stadium] it is hundreds and hundreds of meters long and they want to stick about 16 [or] 18 meter ring in the middle.

“For me, that’s unacceptable. I want a 24-meter ring and they’re saying it’s not going to happen. I’ve left it in the hands of my team and I’m sure they’ll fix it, otherwise there won’t be any fighting. You can’t fly me here, show me the ring we’re using. I’ve been training my whole camp in a 24-meter ring, it’s a unification struggle, not a British title. ”

Alvarez will defend his WBA and WBC super middleweight titles, while Saunders will win the WBO belt.

It’s not the first time a fighter has threatened to leave with a fight at the last minute. In March, Dennis Hogan threatened to withdraw from his fight with Tim Tszyu over the debate over what support Hogan could show for his torso. Last week, Dereck came out of Chisora ​​after weightlifting events after struggling to get into the second ring in a fight with Joseph Park.

In the latter two situations, as the fighting continued as planned, the Protestant fighter suffered a loss.

Saunders is currently under +550, according to the William Hill Sportsbook.

BoxingNewsED reported John Ryder flies to Texas as a backup.

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