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BlueMagic Group Lead by CEO Pasquale Minasi is Revolutionizing the Hair Transplant Industry in Turkey

Turkey is one of the world’s most renowned places for medical tourism. It is one of the main centers for hair transplants in the world. In the initial six months of 2022, it served almost 700,000 people with hair transplants from more than 100 countries. However, the most sophisticated procedures and guaranteed life-long hair transplants are provided at BlueMagic Group Clinic.

Pasquale Minasi, the founder and CEO of BlueMagic Group, had a hair transplant a few years ago and realized how powerful the procedure is for increasing self-confidence and self-esteem.

Thus, BlueMagic Group was founded as a result of his desire to assist others who were experiencing hair loss as a result of disorders or conditions. To date, the group has successfully completed over 22,000 hair transplants.

BlueMagic Group Hair Transplant Specialities

To provide qualitative and quantitative life-long results to every individual, BlueMagic Group focuses on integrating transplant procedures with the latest technology. This indeed is the pretext for getting featured on Bloomberg, The Sunday Times, and New York Time Square Street.

1. DHI Implantation

BlueMagic Group uses the latest Choi Pen technology for DHI implantations and to provide the best hair transplant in Turkey. It is a specialized tool used to implant hair follicles into the scalp after extraction from the donor site. This latest technology allows smaller and more precise incisions that reduce the risk of damage to the scalp and follicle.

2. Micro FUE Sapphire

Using the latest technology of sapphire blades, proper incisions are made. These blades reduce the vibrations as compared to classic steel FUE blades. People who are experiencing severe hair loss can get effective results from a sapphire FUE transplant since it promotes denser hair root growth.

3. Afro Hair Transplantation

This is a special procedure for special curly textured hair. A punch is used for the extraction and implantation of grafts. At BlueMagic Group, the…

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