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Bosnian intelligence chief arrested for allegations of fraud | Europe News

Osman Mehmedagic was arrested on charges of money laundering and abuse of his office for falsifying university diplomas.

Bosnian police have arrested the country’s intelligence chief on charges of money laundering and abusing his office for falsifying university diplomas.

Osman Mehmedagic, head of the Intelligence and Security Agency (OSA), was arrested on Wednesday at the request of state prosecutors and police were acting as such, Sarajevo police spokesman Miraj Hadziabdic told Reuters news agency.

The prosecution said in a statement that Mehmedagic was investigating the charge or authority for making abusive documents, falsifying documents and laundering money. More information was said to be available on Wednesday.

Judicial proceedings often take years in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where corruption is widespread and infiltrates all areas of life, including justice, education and health.

Last month, police arrested the director of the American University of Sarajevo and Tuzla and two partners for giving Mehmedagic an illegal diploma.

In October, Mehmedagic and a colleague were charged with abuse of charge for spying on a man who allegedly used the agency’s resources to spy on him, but the judge acquitted the charges. The prosecutor filed an appeal.

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