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Deadly Israeli-Palestinian violence in photos

At least 30 people were killed clashes escalated on Tuesday between Israel and Hamas as the Israeli military launched airstrikes on Gaza as militant groups fired rockets at Israel.

More than two dozen Palestinians, including women and children, were reported dead in the airstrikes, which also affected Demolition of a 13-storey building in Gaza. The rockets separated from Gaza at least three lives in Israel, where the shooters traveled to Tel Aviv.

A viral video was shown Israeli Iron Dome defense system illuminating the night sky as he caught a bunch of rockets.

This latest violence began last week after Israeli police violently attacked protesters. expelling Palestinians from home To make way for Israeli settlers in the Sheikh Jarrah district of East Jerusalem.

Amnesty International condemned What Israeli security forces described as brutal repression against protesters.

Israeli security officials also took over a mosque In the holy month of Ramadan, leaving hundreds injured. Hamas militants fired on Israel in response.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu he said Hamas “has paid a very high price for the attack and will pay for it,” but the U.S. is demanding calm and escalation.

On Tuesday, UN Secretary-General António Guterres previously convicted The evictions in East Jerusalem are “very worrying,” he said, adding to the “spiraling rise” in violence.

“The Israeli security forces must take the utmost measure and calibrate the use of force,” a spokesman for the secretary-general said. he said, before adding: “It is unacceptable to fire rockets and mortars at Israeli population sites.”

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