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Derek Chauvin demands new trial after Floyd is convicted of murder Black Lives Matter News

More than nine minutes after Floyd knelt on his neck, the former police officer was found guilty of murder and manslaughter last month.

Former Minneapolis police attorney Derek Chauvin has asked for a new trial two weeks after Chauvin’s stay they have been convicted of second- and third-degree murder and murder In the murder of George Floyd.

In a statement to District Court Judge Peter Cahill on Tuesday, Eric Nelson said the former officer had been stripped of a fair trial for alleged misconduct by the alleged prosecutor and jury, misconduct at trial and the verdict was illegal.

“The publicity here was so widespread and so damaging that it was a structural error in the storm before and during this trial,” Nelson wrote in the motion, CNN reported.

Chauvin was convicted on April 20 after a much-watched trial in Minneapolis, Minnesota welcomed by both activists and US politiciansHe said it was an important step forward in the fight for racial justice in the United States.

Floyd was caught with a murder camera on May 25 last year mass protests across the US and around the world, thousands take to the streets to demand an end to police violence against blacks.

A woman went during a demonstration in New York last month after finding Derek Chauvin guilty [File: Eduardo Munoz/Reuters]

Chauvin, they shot it knee on Floyd’s neck for nine minutes and 29 seconds, has a minimum sentence of 75 years in prison, and is more likely if the judge finds the wrong factors sought by the prosecution. The sentence has been set for June.

Knowing Chauvin is seeking a new trial, Ben Crump is a lawyer for the Floyd family he tweeted: “No. No. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty “.

During the trial, Nelson argued that the jury could be influenced by news about the trial, including comments made by politicians about what might have happened as a result of the verdict.

Judge Cahill had it he rejected these arguments but asked the jury to avoid seeing the news. The jury was kidnapped after making final arguments in the case.

In Tuesday’s motion, Nelson complained that the jury misbehaved, felt pressured, and / or failed to follow the jury’s instructions, although the file did not include further details about those claims.

The documents did not mention that a final jury member was involved in a March 28 march in Washington, DC, in Martin Luther King Jr. to pay homage. The jury defended his actions, saying the incident was not a protest against Floyd’s death.

Al Jazeera’s Mike Hanna, a report from Washington, DC, said Chauvin’s lawyer argues that there have been a number of problems at trial, including the judge refused to change the venue From Minneapolis.

“It is now up to the Minneapolis District Court to investigate whether or not to continue with this allegation or to investigate further,” he reported.

Hanna added that the appeal was not unexpected, but said that “it is such a prestigious case that it arouses so much emotion that any concern people try to throw out this verdict will be of great concern.”

Prosecutors last week asked the judge overseeing the case against Chauvin to punish the former police officer for examining several serious situations.

Minnesota State Attorney General Keith Ellison and Attorney General Matthew Frank said Chauvin deserved a harsher sentence than ordered by state guidelines because he held the office of ruler and treated Floyd, a vulnerable victim, cruelly.

“The defendant’s actions caused free pain and caused psychological distress to Mr. Floyd and those around him,” the prosecutor wrote, adding that Chauvin had made “no attempt” to provide medical care to Floyd.

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