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Diamondback Union 1 Review: A suburban ebike that can take you to leave your car

I found it many reasons to embrace the new Diamondback-friendly city Union 1 ebike this summer, which is the record for heat and the smoke from fires for months that other types of cycling have become less fun. Add to this atmospheric conflict the excessive construction of my city’s roads and the rise in diesel prices, turning the work done on the car into a baked nightmare. The saving grace has been Union 1, an ebike that has brought joy, speed and style to cross-country sessions, especially those that ended up on the beach.

Known for its “acoustic” gravel and mountain bike, Diamondback is a new growing ebike niche, but its main brand, High Cycling Team, is also the owner IZIP, Raleigh and Haibike, It is not. Alta’s institutional ebike history means that Diamondback didn’t have to invent a wheel (or engine) before introducing four ebike models this year, with an average price line for urban warriors, each offering high-performance components, solid construction and subtle class.

Union 1 has integrated fenders and a rear trunk.

Photo: Diamondback

Of those four, the Union 1 with its aluminum structure costs the least, but it’s still impressive. It is built around a Bosch Performance Line Speed the engine, with an 85-meter-newt driving unit, which helps the rider achieve higher speeds and cover longer distances (35 to 55 miles per load, depending on which pedal level you mark). Rated as 3rd grade ebike, Union 1 reaches 28 mph, the maximum speed allowed on an ebike in the US. The engine is powered by a 400-watt-hour battery, which is fully integrated into the bottom tube, reducing the larger ones. 10 speed Shimano the transmission is easy to change and the hydraulic disc brakes (as noted by a mechanic at my bike shop after a test throughout the district) are great for stopping this 51-pound machine very quickly, and that’s not always the case with ebik. The minimalist display of the Bosch Purion computer on the left hand side and the no-frills numbers show large numbers on the black-and-white LCD screen, so it’s easy to read. The sturdy 27.5-inch wheels are fitted with tires with enough urban tread to handle even asphalt and unpaved pavements. Integrated bike racks and protectors store bags on the bike and remove mud from the bike.

The best part of Union 1 is the smooth and complementary route. Like most Bosch-powered ebikes, the engine offers four modes: Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo. Add 10 gears to the transmission train and start with workouts that go uphill on an almost impossible slope in Eco mode, starting with effortless pedals reminiscent of a firefighter shot in Turbo mode.

When I ride a bike, I worry less about exercising and have more fun, which means I keep the bike in Turbo mode while the batteries are juicy. On my last 12-mile trip, I had to climb 1,200 meters in part after stopping on gravel roads to get off my bike and jump into Lake Superior to freshen up, I was surprised that I only burned 40 percent of my battery. keeping the bike in the turbo all the time. On longer routes of 20 to 30 miles, I marked the Tour or Sport in the most conservative way, but the battery power rarely dropped to dangerous low levels. The ultra-conservative eco-conservation is perfect for those who want a real workout or for more than 35 miles on a single load, but I found that the strength of pedaling in the ecological Union 1 made me squeeze my knees, especially uphill. For more details on the range of bikes mentioned in each way, check out Diamondback’s available range calculator.

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