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All my life, I’ve been scared of winter. It’s cold, dark, seasonally depressing. But! Last year, something clicked, and I finally figured out how to bend over to comfort. The small things made the biggest difference, and now I’m actually there looking forward to colder months. (Believe me, no one is more surprised than me).

Here is my five-axis approach:

1. Take out all the comfortable blankets. (This striped beauty It is made of 100% lamb wool.) We put them on our bed and sofa, and you can find them wrapped in a family member at almost any time of the day.

2. Get on the soft bed. We spend a lot of time in bed: reading books, watching movies, pampering one child or another and of course sleeping. We’ve tried different bed brands over the years, and the most completely comfortable we’ve found is in Brooklin. We start with them luxury satin sheets, with a smooth buttery texture and a slightly bright finish. And then we add heather cashmere duvet cover and pillowcases, which are breathable, lightweight and extremely soft. The combination is comfortable.

3. In the winter, we put up a bedroom scent station (with the help of eight-year-old Anton). We light incense and candles; this it smells like a forest hut.

4. Years ago, Alex taught me about solar lamps. Have you ever tried one? White light helps your body adjust to dark days, and you can really feel it lighten your mood.

5. Finally, in winter, we move from one lighter quilt to another thicker, super luxurious. Our bed feels like a hotel!

Great news: Brooklin is kicking off Black Friday sales. Get a 20% discount on your order, no code required. See it all here, if you will – including their linen sets towels.

How to create a comfortable space in winter?

(Photo Christine Han and by style Veronica Olson Go to the Cup. This publication is sponsored by Brooklinen, a brand we have used and loved for years. Thank you for supporting the brands that support the Cup of Jo.)

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