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16 Black Friday Outdoors Deals (2021): REI, Moosejaw, Backcountry

Many of us My favorite foreign traders are on nice incentives on Black Friday. There is no such activity less You need to buy outdoor equipment rather than walking in retail areas, but you still need it rain jackets, good layer system, and running tool to spend the winter. Whether you want to spend a sunny, cool Black Friday walk with friends and family, or plan and plan all the fun things you’ll be doing in 2022, these shopkeepers are covered.

THE KING Get out is on sale until November 22, and members can save a 20 percent discount on certain items with the code GEARUP2021. Moosejaw’s ​​anniversary sale It will also run until November 22nd. If you need to pick up a large card item, Backcountry is currently offering a 20 percent discount on joining an item. loyalty program.

WIRED’s Black Friday morning coverage

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Portable and Electronics offers

GoPro Hero10 black.

Photo: GoPro

GoPro cameras are still a great way to document all the adventures to be crushed best action camera. A new Hero10 processor speeds up capture time, achieves higher resolution to the 23.6-megapixel sensor, and adds better image stabilization. Ours the full review has more details.

If you’re skiing or snowboarding in the back and want to make sure people can find you if you’re lost, you’ll probably need an inReach Mini. This pocket satellite messenger uses a very fast and low-flying Iridium network sometimes instead of a slow or confusing GPS or Glonass satellite network. It’s still the first choice in our guide The best satellite messengers.

REI has a lot of Garmin on sale right now, which is great because it makes Garmin some of the most reliable and durable. fitness followers. This is the back watch I wear when camping off-grid, because it makes the right commitments: leaving the big, bright screen aside for better battery life and tracking features.

Before testing Coros Pace 2 (8/10, WIRED Recommends), I would say it has the best running watches in Garmin’s Forerunner series. They’re still pretty great, and you can find Forerunners at almost any price. The mid-range 245 includes all the performance monitoring measures in the industry, along with features like event detection, if you’re on the long run and, eh, you can’t fall and get up again.

Our latest Garmin selection is the Venu Sq, which is in our guidebook Best Fitness Tracker and our list The best smart watches. Does it combine Garmin’s accuracy and performance measures, Fitbit’s availability and Apple’s … aesthetics? Not entirely, but it’s a great price for an early follower.

If you are progressing on your fitness journey, you will probably need to incorporate some strength training. The Tempo Studio (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is a convenient and safe way to do this if you still avoid public gyms, and it’s a little more affordable at this price point.

Shoe and clothing offerings

REI Co-op Magma 850 hooded down.

Photo: REI

REI’s line of underwear and clothing is incredibly cheap to the specifications it offers. Water resistant and wrap-around puff jacket like Magma (of women) is one of them the most versatile pieces camping and travel clothing that you may have. It is also an excellent layer for more intense outdoor activities under the waterproof shell. And there it is lighter version ($ 70) (women’s version here).

If you are shopping for initial socks, everyone can use a couple of other gloves. They work well on their own for running or hiking, or under mitts that are insulated and waterproof in colder weather. They are also for sale here The back.

One of the biggest obstacles to enjoying snow sports is not having the right clothes. A good bib will keep the snow out of your underpants, and these have synthetic insulation to release heat from the thighs and throw leggings to keep your ankles warm and dry.

This is a sturdy hammock for two people, small to fit and suitable for two people. We recommend it in our guide stress relief gifts. It is also for sale here Amazon and The back.

Moosejaw offers a 20 percent discount on any full price item with the code ANIMATED Until November 22nd. Both my colleague Parker Hall and I are fans of Altras (no height difference between heel and toe) for the design, the comfortable wide toe box, and the large soles. There is also women’s version.

Snow, camping and cycling deals

Individual Fireplace Pit.

Photo: REI

Unlike the cheaper fire pits that allow embers and smoke to spread in your yard, Solo Stove’s attractive fire pits create an almost smoke-free, warmer, and more efficient fire that is easy to clean. We haven’t tested this specific model, but you can read ours Solo Stove Yukon review for more details.

A 20 percent discount from Backcountry is a great way to get any item into the loyalty program to remove one or two of the items from the big card. Unlike many snowboards that are massively manufactured in various factories before a company applies its brand, Capita is made by hand at its facilities, Mother ship, which uses 100 percent clean energy. This is a pretty versatile station board, but make sure choose the right size for your height.

They are the tents of the REI Kingdom the best family tents WILED lead writer Scott Gilbertson and I have never tried it. They are reasonably priced, have many vertical walls and head heights, and are as modular and versatile as a Swiss Army knife.

There are many other bottles of water right now, but we’ll always have the classic Nalgene sticker, which is safe for the dishwasher and better covered.

Use the code ANIMATED until November 22 to see the discount on payment. The bike only makes sense as a daily commute if you have the ability to carry a work computer and a week’s food at a time. I own Ortlieb panniers, and writer Stephanie Pearson also recommends them in her guide. Best bikepacking equipment.

Early Black Friday sales pages

Want to explore your sales? Here are some places that offer early Black Friday deals. Be sure to check out our many buying guides and gift guides for additional ideas.

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