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What do you have this weekend? We go to a small hut in North Fork for two nights. Even though the weather will be in the 60s, I’m eager to grab the ice cream and feel the sand on my toes. We hope you enjoy it, and here are some fun links to the website …

This new Rom-com series it looks ridiculous.

The joy of one erranda friend date.

“It’s great to be after self-isolation for a year. I’m not acting weird, either? ”

Beautiful forest art.

I loved it doing this sex quiz. 😉 (Also get a 15% discount on any order from Dama with the code CUPOFJO15.)

How much signage these soaps?

Simone Biles is a gymnast slow slow.

Aupa, prom photos. (New York Times)

Ashley C. Ford interviewed our girl Oprah (!!!) about him wonderful new memory.

Love the atmosphere these shorts.

Oooh, we will spring pasta.

Also, two comments from the reader:

HJM says five sunscreen mineral cream: “There is a brand Black Girl Sunscreen, and leaves zero limestone finish. I love how it moisturizes and smoothes my skin. It’s a cheap price and it’s a company with black women. I buy mine at Target, but they also sell it on their website! ”

Toni says 13 comments to reassure readers: “I was sitting in a chair with my baby in his car, hanging the keys. Two little ones passed by. The younger one asked the older one why he liked the keys so much to the baby. The older man’s response was horrible: ‘Because they’re magic. “What creates sounds can be magic. Remember.”

(Photo Thalia Ho.)

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