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Photo of a Brooklyn snowfall by Griffin Ungar

What are you doing this weekend? Omg comments in this post They were AMAZING, I could read them all day, every day, forever. Thank you. This weekend, some of our old friends are sleeping on Saturday; they are like aunt and uncle to Toby and Anton. I hope it’s good, and here are some online links …

New HBO session LOVING About a 40-year-old woman returning to her hometown of Kansas.

You are invited to the wedding I organized in high school”, Haha. (New Yorker)

I will be soak your hair all winter long.

Beautiful mother’s letter when his young daughter died.

For Jewish communities, going to synagogue services is courageous. (New York Times) Thinking of our Jewish friends, writers, and readers. A larger publication will also be released this week.

I stopped doing dinner for 7 things. “Do the same thing on all sides. I’m serious. If you don’t review the whole menu, the mental energy you save will be enormous … Our regular menu includes Greek chicken (which can be baked until ready to serve), Greek salad, Mediterranean quinoa salad, roasted potatoes. , and bread crust ”.

How pretty they are The paint colors of this London house?

I’m tired of explaining why I don’t drink”. (New York Magazine)

Why Amanda Gorman barely read her poem at the inauguration of the presidency.

Apple cheddar quesadillas.

Always included in the New York Magazine Lookbook, especially on current dock workers.

Also, 9 readers tips on genius life:

“The lowest score on ‘Happy Birthday’ is the first. Start low! Keep it together, people!” Abbey

“Happy Birthday should be sung in a quick clip, especially in a group. Too many people start slowly, and it seems slow. It would only take five seconds to pass. ‘ – SB

“Don’t put a plate of vegetables and farm clothes in your children’s eyes without saying a word before dinner. Don’t look and don’t talk so you don’t scare the kids. they will all be eaten when you add the carbohydrates and cheese you have heated to their dishes. Megan

“If you go to an event or conference that no one knows about, the longest queue you can find and stay there. It doesn’t matter if it’s for the bathroom, the bar, or the buffet: it gives you a reason to be around people without looking awkward and focusing on a few minutes, and it’s much easier to start a conversation when you have something in common. “Oh, this bathroom is slow, or they look good.” Meg

“I’ve just learned this, but it’s true: if you think everyone hates you, you should sleep; If you hate them all, you should eat them. ‘ – Jill

“If you go out with the kids and you think,‘ This is fun, but it looks like the kids are almost done. We have about 20 minutes left to go ‘, you really have ZERO minutes left. You have to pack and get out! Every time I ignore this, I curse myself a few moments later for disaster, FEELINGS, hunger, and so on. – Lora

“Don’t try to impress people. I’m immersed in the online dating world, and it’s not fun to play like you have a good taste in music and then not have to talk about the latest indie band. (Ask me how I know.) My dating profile now says that I have a tremendous taste for music, which starts a lot more conversations than “enjoying live music”. Be honest with your curiosity! ” – Emily

“My professional advice from my father: When someone you love is in mourning, sit next to him or her. Don’t look at the phone or try to talk, sit quietly. “I can’t wait to see if they can solve their problem, so I sit quietly by their side at the memorial and funeral after they’re all gone. Mikayla

“If you accidentally climb up, tie up with your dog.” – RME

(Photo Griffin Ungar.)

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