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If there’s one thing we’ve been taught over the last year, it’s less that it’s actually more. Gone are the days of the hashtag #shelfie, a collection of crowded beauty wardrobes and inaccessible images of expensive 12-step routines. So this year it’s about #skinmalism. We return to the basics and take in a naked, lightened view of beauty that enhances our inner brilliance as much as our outer. First, how to take care of your skin (which is not expensive to take care of your skin).

While we love a good one transporting beauty and elegant beauty device, is much more stressed on our skin when in reality the products don’t fix it everything. It’s easy to forget that the beauty industry is an industry that sells products to us, and it’s easy to feel lost in an endless cycle of testing products in search of glowing skin. If you’re tired of your skin care routine – or if you just need to freshen up the simple (and free!) Things that make your skin look good, we’ve put together a list to remind you of what you need to take care of. your head doesn’t have to be complicated.

We’ll get back to basics with 12 ways to care for your skin that don’t have expensive skin care products.

1. Remove makeup at night

Even if you’re tired, don’t go to bed without washing your face! Seriously, go wash your face. Although this step technically involves a product (face wash), it is more than a proper and consistent cleansing of the product. Bedtime without proper washing can tighten pores, cause fractures and accelerate aging. Your skin (and pillowcases) will thank you.

2. Sleep in a silk or satin pillowcase

Satin pillowcases can help reduce friction on your skin while you sleep, thus reducing wrinkles (especially for side and stomach sleep!). Silk allows the skin to “slip” allowing you to stretch your skin and reduce the chance of creating wrinkles. It is also helpful in keeping hair smooth and reducing breakage!

Slip Standard silk pillowcase

KITSCH Satin King pillowcase

A positive kitsch body pillowcase

3. Change the pillowcase regularly

Since we’re talking about pillowcases, we can’t make that skin care advice clear, but often without forgetting it. Life’s busyness is real, so we fully understand how it’s left behind, though dirty pillowcases can be a breeding ground bacteria, dirt, oil and debris that can affect skin health. Try changing them every two to three days and if you’re really organized, keep a stack of spare pillowcases on your nightstand. Also, try to do it in the morning while you are preparing the bed so that you don’t skip at night when you feel too tired.

4. Eat it to get happy and healthy skin

Pay attention to food and drinks They are really proven to improve the health of your skin. The foods we eat can have a profound effect on our skin and can help or hurt. In addition to sun damage, loss of elasticity, increased fractures and acne, and noticeable wrinkles and fine lines, if you notice that your skin is getting weaker, look at yourself: what boosts your diet and where can you improve it? At the very least, loading up on whole foods, healthy fats, and staying hydrated can make a difference in the world. Check out this post on the 12th the best foods for nourished, firm, light and radiant skin.

5. Hydrate

Meanwhile drinking water it does not put moisture directly on the skin, it allows it to make the rest of your body’s systems work faster as a result more hydrated skin. For example, it supports kidney function, which brightens dark circles under the eyes and helps eliminate toxins from the liver so that the skin is lighter and less swollen.

6. Hands

My the beautician always says, keep the length of the sink away from your face. Nothing good happens when you bend over and let’s be real, no one has ever seen your skin so close. It is very tempting to choose, but this can cause more fractures and usually cause more lasting damage to the skin, such as scars or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

7. Clean makeup brushes

Another easy one that is often forgotten! Dirty brushes can cause inflammation, clogged pores and acne, thanks to makeup, bacteria, dust and oil that can accumulate on the brushes. The goal is to clean it up weekly, turn it into a Sunday night ritual, or remind it weekly in the calendar. It only takes a few minutes and if you do it in the evening, they will be dry and ready for the morning!

I like it Dr. Bronners Castilian soap, just a few drops in warm water are needed to clean the brush, so that the brushes are easy to clean. Wash thoroughly, and place on a towel so that the water does not run towards the handle as it dries (this can weaken the glue bond).

8. Prioritize quality sleep

Meanwhile we sleep our bodies are busy, regenerating, healing and healing. Sleep rises it is an antioxidant that fights sleep hormones, melatonin, wrinkles, fine lines and skin cancer. While we rest, we also produce a lot of new collagen and human growth hormones it helps to repair the damage of the day. Needless to say, quality sleep reduces the stress hormone, which can cause cortisol, thinning, stretching and coloring of the skin.

9. Manage (and reduce!) Stress

In that note, address and stress management should be the top priority. We are no strangers causes stress it can affect our body, but it can especially affect your skin. Reduce stress it’s easier said than done, but it’s worth it. Cortisol levels may be high some negative effects on your skin:

  • It reduces the ability of your skin to retain moisture causing dryness and sadness, which can lead to overproduction of oils, which can cause tight pores and acne.
  • It can increase redness, swelling and inflammation
  • Thinens the skin, causing premature wrinkles and fine lines
  • Fire skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and rosacea

10. Lower the water temperature

I love super hot shower, but hot water is not the best for your skin. Excessive heat can remove essential moisture from your skin. Instead, opt for warm water (the cold won’t break your makeup / dirt and oil either), and make sure you give your face a nice massage while you wash it – aim for 60 seconds!

11. Move

Getting it your sweat it’s good for a number of reasons, but yes it also has tremendous skin benefits. Movement and sweating stimulate blood circulation which in turn oxygenates and carries nutrients to all our cells. This causes an amazing post-workout glow and helps our skin repair itself faster. As a side benefit, it also lowers cortisol levels! Sweat opens your pores, so be sure to wash your face after the workout after cleaning to cleanse your skin of oil, dirt or bacteria.

12. Skip the processed sugar and alcohol

Quality carbohydrates are necessary, though low quality sugar and alcohol may be able to dry out, an inflammatory effect on your skin. In addition, it can cause too much sugar and alcohol break down your collagen fibers and lose strength and flexibility.

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