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Joanna Goddard

For a few weeks this summer, Alex had to travel for work or family duties, and I flew alone with the boys. After a while, I felt a little bad. So! Last weekend we thought Alex would take the boys to the beach, and I WILL SPEND THE WEEKEND ONLY AT HOME !!!!

I didn’t spend a weekend alone at home For 11 years! Here are 10 things I did.

Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Promenade

1) First, I set out on a long walk through the neighborhood.


2) As I was walking, I heard Rewatchables podcast, in which funny and smart friends talk about popular movies. I especially liked the parts around me Regards, Exit, When Harry met Sally and Mr. Ripley Talent.

Talented Ripley

3) In the podcast, Amanda Dobbins said that the character in Jude Law “promised” too much to care that he was a pretty bad guy. I immediately searched for “ensorcell” on Google and it means “enchanted or fascinated”. Did you know that word? (My goal is to do it by chance leave it to the conversation.)


antons restaurant nyc

4) For lunch, I met my friend Gemma Manhattan. When I couldn’t decide between the toast and the arugula salad, the waiter said he would decide for me. Eight minutes later, he was back with a mix of the two!


5) After lunch, we went to a small shop and found it a sexy lipstick to dress all fall.


6) In the afternoon, I took a nap. SESTA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A nap.

Poppys Cafe Brooklyn

Poppys Cafe Brooklyn

7) The next day, I stopped for a coffee Poppy, our neighborhood cafe, and the bartender showed me his toast tattoo. “My mother always told me that toasting makes everything better,” she said. “I took it to heart.”


8) Then I saw a special animation Luma15 episode and he laughed many times. Have you seen it? The girls go to Florida with Anna’s father and go against the two boys in the hotel. It feels like our family took a Florida vacation when my sister and I were in middle school. So dramatic! So emotional! 21 hour tour!

red hook bar

9) Dinner, old friend Jason and I went Red Hook Tavern. He told me funny dating stories and we invented each other love languages (mine is always and forever words of affirmation). The interview reminded me of Sex and the City, when Carrie said guests at the Hamptons home should sing for dinner: “Brokers give you investment advice. Architects, design tips. Unmarried people give their sexual escapades to married friends. ”

Alex boys

10) The weekend was epic! Having nothing important on the schedule, along with ZERO people asking for snacks or water, felt the deepest breath. But, 48 hours later, I heard a knock on the door, and there they were: my babies. And, while it was fun, I was glad to be back again. xoxo

PS What a parent really is, and would you ever take a maternity leave??

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