I want to get married to this dark fun book

I just finished a book that exploded in my head. It. Was. So. Good …

Pity and happiness By Meg Mason.

Premise: When Marta was 17, a bomb hit her in the brain. For decades, he has had depression or rage that can strike at any time. He knows something is wrong but he doesn’t know what it is. Still, her hilarious sister, Ingrid, and adorable husband, Patrick, are next door. Until you turn 40 and everything explodes.

The novel They encouraged Australians to be “humorous and heartfelt to those they love Fleabag bag and Normal people”- has a similarly funny, dark and honest sensibility that roots you because of the intricate characters.

Here are some excerpts to make sense. First, the habit of sleeping with her husband:

Even when he put the newspaper aside, he continued to rub his back. Sometimes for the whole of Newsnight, other times after turning off the light. Then I felt loved.

One night, I flipped over in the dark and asked if there was a feeling left on the right side. I said, “How can you do so much time?”

He said, “I hope it becomes sexual.”

I told him it was a shame. “I hope to become asleep.”

Patrick said, “Let the best man win.”

And a passage about his depression:

Patrick called, I cried on the phone. He said his plane would leave in an hour, so he would return soon.

I asked him to talk on the phone and talk to me and I just listened. I told him I was very scared.

“About what?”


Since I am someone who is struggling with mental illness (a variety of anxiety / depression), I saw him nod. Sorrow and Bliss is now on my list of favorite books (included Olive Kitteridge and American wedding). I would really like to hear your feedback.

pity and happiness at the hands of meg masons

(My only murmur is that the cover is misleading. It seems lighter, maybe less literary. But don’t let that stop you!)

PS We have rounded a lot our recommended books here!

(Photo above by Marc Bordons / Stocksy.)

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