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Melinda Gates urges rich countries to stop “storing” Covid vaccines

Melinda Gates has called on rich nations to stop “storing” vaccines against coronavirus, saying it is disappointing how little is being done to prevent pandemics from destroying developing worlds.

The U.S. philanthropist told the Financial Times that developed countries will only need to inject their populations “up to a point” before providing supplies to those in greater need.

“You don’t have to get vaccinated, let’s say, among your teens.

Gates said it was “extremely unfortunate” that low-income nations would not receive more shots. Some “can’t even incorporate their health care workers.”

Covax, a mechanism backed by the World Health Organization to help poorer countries access Covid-19 drugs, needed $ 2 billion in additional funding and more vaccine supplies, he said.

While the Western leader acknowledged that they were under political pressure at home to protect their citizens, Gates added that there was also a practical and moral case for providing supplies.

“The benefit of all is to reopen the global economy,” he said.

The former Microsoft executive added that although vaccine research and development was a huge success, the global manufacturing system “didn’t work” and created bottles.

“We need to have manufacturing in many more places around the world to be able to achieve that [the supply] out and you don’t have this problem that we’re seeing right now. “

The interview was recorded before Melinda and Bill Gates, the founders of Microsoft, announced that they would end their marriage after 27 years.

The couple has donated a large chunk of $ 124 billion to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with the goal of improving health around the world and reducing poverty.

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