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Morgan Stanley’s boss speaks loudly as he returns to the office

CEO James Gorman Morgan Stanley sent a harsh message to New York employees who do not want to return to the office, arguing that if they enjoy eating in the city, they should feel safe working at the bank’s headquarters.

“You can go to a restaurant in New York, you can go to the office and we want you in the office,” Gorman said Monday at a financial services conference hosted by Morgan Stanley.

Gorman said the bank had not yet begun “dictating” workers to work, unlike Goldman Sachs, which demanded that workers return to office on Monday. However, Gorman said he sent a message “in a very strong direction” that he wants workers based on the 1585 Broadway building to return to their desks.

“[By] On Labor Day, I will be very disappointed if people don’t find their way to the office and we do another kind of interview, ”Gorman added, referring to the U.S. Sept. 6 holiday.

Gorman he said the bank had learned it could function “with a little flexibility” during the coronavirus pandemic. But he noted that the outlook for employees who did not work regularly in the office would be bleak, and especially for those who wanted to do their job remotely from a location outside of a situation like Florida or Colorado.

“If you want to pay New York fees, you work in New York,” he added.

In March last year, Gormani was diagnosed with the virus and a complete recovery. Since July 2020, he has been going to work and the number of days he spends in the office is gradually increasing.

“My leadership style has been very deliberate,” he said. “One day a week since July. . . I’m in four days now. “

However, Gorman said workers expected to be in places with high infection rates, such as India, were not expected.

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He said it was especially important to return to the office for young employees who were being trained at work. “[The office is] where we teach, what our fellows learn. That’s how we develop people. Where you build Zoom presentations are not just the soft traces of having a successful career. ”

Gorman said the proportion would rise to 98 percent, adding that 90% of Morgan Stanley employees who were already working in his offices had been vaccinated. The bank has recently teamed up with a healthcare provider to offer vaccinations at its offices.

Morgan Stanley said it would be voluntary to disclose the status of the vaccine, unlike Goldman Sachs he ordered whether its employees have been notified.

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