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Netflix’s ‘Cowboy Bebop’ has failed | WIRING

LED thick the letter, the word “PORN” is emitted behind the roof fight scene at the beginning NetflixNew live action Cowboy Bebop—Each letter has a different color and shape, like a cut from a teenage fashion magazine or a kidnapping note. The sign, bright and conspicuous, leans against some architectural features, but Spike, Cowboy Bebopthe protagonist of the sci-fi award-hunter, he never acknowledges. In fact, there seems to be no recognition there, both for visitors to the building below and for the spaceships that fly above. “PORN” is for the camera, and this camera works.

It’s a bit like saying it on Netflix Cowboy Bebop it breaks the fourth wall. Certainly, as an adaptation of direct action, it needs to: a certain self-awareness is necessary to return the cult-classical anime to the third dimension. If he didn’t signal the rise of the 23-year-old fandom, the show would have turned away. So yes yes. It recreates the famous jazz-sung intro. The actors do everything they can to pronounce the lines copied and pasted from the anime, but with more force. At one point, Faye Valentine says the phrase “I’m not going to carry that weight,” delaying the melancholy ending of the original series: “You’re going to carry that weight.”

As a translation project, however, Netflix Cowboy Bebop it fails. In fact, it probably fails to have many of its simplest descriptors: an adaptation, a reimagining, an interpretation. What Cowboy Bebop that is, to the nails of his hammy cyberpunk signage and cheap-looking sets, is a performance. For whom, it is not entirely clear. But when the audience is confident in the prestigious media, the “PORN” sign will always be seen.

Cowboy Bebop he is regarded as the northern star of the anime, an undeniable “favorite” for the wanderers and the heads. The characters in a black film, the Jackie Chan action sequence, have the superstructure of music from a New York jazz club and a space opera. And since it’s episodic and not very argument-based, Cowboy Bebop it avoids the classic anime that causes moments behind the dozens of filler episodes. Everyone likes it because it’s good and because it’s for everyone.

Announced in 2017 on Netflix Cowboy Bebop it would always be disappointing for fans of the original anime. There is nowhere to go; it was a stratospheric bar, raised above the infinities of the animation support. Live action anime adaptations, generously speaking, have long since failed to engineer the core of their source anime. (See: Fullmetal Alchemist, Ghost in the Shell, Death Note). A large and persuasive contingent in Otaku would argue that it is impossible to adapt art form, especially science fiction anime, without direct paraphrasing.

Initial teaser and trailers indicated Cowboy Bebop he would be respectful, at least, with his extensive portraits of his most sticky scenes. And thankfully for the well-known showrunner André Nemec Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, choose the right people: John Cho Spike Spiegel, Daniella Pineda Faye Valentine and Mustafa Shakir Jet Black. (Outstanding performances of the show come from Elena Satine and Alex Hassell, starring Julia and Vicious, respectively, as the most passionate characters Cowboy Bebop fans will admit that they are underestimated.) Describing the anime as a “roadmap” in an interview at the RE: WIRED conference last week, Nemec specified that. Cowboy Bebop “It presents a positive outlook for the future because it needs to be multicultural and gender-based.”

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