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Samson: Tennis star Shelby Rogers talks about bullying on social media after losing US Open

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Over the weekend, American tennis star Shelby Rogers said she would receive “nine million death threats” on social media after losing directly to British Emma Raducanu. Rogers also admitted that he wanted “social networks not to exist”.

“Of course, we appreciate the prominence you had in those moments, but then today you and I will be threatening nine million deaths and what not to say.” Rogers told reporters after his loss. “It’s very polarizing, very fast from one end to the other.”

In a session titled “Nothing Personal with David Samson,” on Tuesday, David Samson reflected on what online abuse can do to people, including athletes, and why they should stop.

“We can’t sit, laugh or read or we can’t stress with those who are being bullied,” Samson said. “When your sports hero loses a game, it’s your right to send a boo or message saying“ you sucked in today. ”It’s not okay to think that people are being bullied on social media.

“I’ve never met an athlete who rejects and rejects boos. They listen. We see more than humans. My message is to Shelby Rogers and Sloane Stephens. I hear you and I feel for you. I’ve won. Don’t stop and watch this happen. when I see something happen, I will do something by blocking or denouncing these bullfighters. “

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