The 17 best pots and pans that chefs and cooks always recommend

It’s no secret that the entire Camille Styles team is dependent on the house cooking. Don’t get me wrong, we like to walk restaurants (now that we can!) but nothing feels more like a home-cooked meal than a meal that you have personally put time, love and strength into. We see cooking as an artistic expression, a work of love, an exploratory moment when time stands still, okay, so I’m taking it a bit, but you have the gist. We really enjoy trying out new recipes, mixing unexpected ingredients and playing with food, especially when we get to share kitchen experiments with friends and family. This means that we are always looking for the best pots and pans to make the experience even better.

So who do we turn to for expert kitchen product recommendations? Chefs and food, of course. They are savvy connoisseurs, sensory scientists we want, who like to dive into the culinary rabbit hole like us. Continue reading to learn about the best pots and pans that are always used and recommended by chefs. Did the cut make your favorite?

Best Pans:

Our Place Always Pan

“The POC-owned company’s functional pans and beautiful crockery.” – Lani Halliday, owner, Brutus Bakeshop

“The minimalism inside me loves our place. I’ve been using it Beti Pan more often because of the steam baskets with the baby, it’s very easy not to. I also love caraway and I also have an Alclad stainless set since my wedding but most importantly removal of endocrine-inducing chemicals“. – Kelly LeVeque, a renowned nutritionist and best-selling author

Stargazer 10.5-inch cast iron ladder

“I love these iron-fried meats and vegetable frying pans. They are safe in the oven and are perfect for dishes that start in the kitchen and end in the oven. “- Seamus Mullen, chef and author

Hestan Nanobond ™ Stainless Steel Saucepan, 11 “

“The bowls in the saucepan are beautifully crafted and have a polished surface that doesn’t stick as close to a steel bowl. Love these! ”- Seamus Mullen, chef and author

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet, 15 ”

“My grandmother taught me how to cook cast iron pans since I was a child and I still remember all the benefits. You can cook anything from a perfect egg in the sun to a great steak and even fry it. The iron can withstand the greatest heat and even transfer to the oven to continue cooking when necessary. They are almost sticky and are completely cheap to boot. My 15 “cast iron pan never comes out of my kitchen because of the three-meal rotation a day.” – Catherine mccord, author and creator Weelicious and A potato

“It’s a cheap classic, and all kitchens should have a cast iron skillet.” – Alison Wu, founder Wu house, and Ami Ami

Staub ® 11 ″ Traditional Matte Belt

“I couldn’t recommend this pan any more. I use it for everything from my favorite Dutch kids in the morning to making dessert desserts like pans in a frying pan and strawberry slippers. You can go from the kitchen to the oven, and right to the table. It really does everything and cleaning is very easy. I just washed it with warm water and cleaned the pan after I did it. I have four identical pans in total and use them every day! It’s best that they last a lifetime. ” Teghan Gerard, creator, Half Oven Harvest

Staub enamelled cast iron grill pan and press

“I love to put burgers and chicken chops on the grill and then finish cooking in the oven. You will get all the delicacies cooked on the grill all year round and in the rain! “- Alison Cayne, founder, Paradise Kitchen

Staub enamelled cast iron skillet, 10 inches

“This is the last pan for sautéing vegetables. They get it perfect reddened and caramelized at the edges. I love how easily the enamelled iron is cleaned with regular soap and water — no special treatment is needed. ” – Jeanine Donofrio, founder, Love & Lemons, author, Love & Lemons Everyday

“There’s a reason people have a hobby about cast iron pans: they’re very hot and they cook evenly. I like how versatile they are too. You can cook a lot of things in an iron pan until you have breakfast and dinner.” – Athena Calderón, designer, author and entertaining expert

Field Company Cast Iron Skillet

“It’s an amazing workhorse to show off this small, very high-quality cast iron skillet (hang from a kitchen hook!). I’ve used tofu and eggs, sautéed vegetables, every day for the past three years, and I’ve never had to season them again! it only gets better “. – Sarah Copeland, author, Every day is Saturday and Instant Family Meals

Material Coated pan

“I’m looking for a really safe and real sticky pan works it’s been up and running for years … but it’s finally over, thanks to a single-material version made of stainless steel wrapped around a copper core. The company was conducting rigorous tests to ensure that lead-free and smoke-free coatings last 37 times longer than ceramic ones. Did I mention that it can be put in the dishwasher, and that the beautiful “Dune” color scheme is perfect for neutral tones in my kitchen? This is the pan I get every time I throw a fire in the kitchen. “- Camille Styles, editor-in-chief, Camille Styles

Boiled sautéed 3.5 qt in coated steel

“This stainless steel beauty is one of my choices. It’s been around for years and is still rocking! It offers the same functionality as a 12 ′ frying pan, but the high sides make it great for braising and making sauce-based dishes. – Alex Snodgrass, creator / creator , Definite Dish

Ballarini Parma 12 ′ Sticky

“I’ve been in this non-stick pan for at least four years, and in a world that still doesn’t stick it’s hard to function as a charm. Most of the other” non-sticky “skills I’ve tried lose their non-sticky capabilities within four to six months … but Ballarini cooking It’s also easy, light and clean! ” Alex Snodgrass, creator / creator, Definite Dish

Best Pots:

Great Jones The Dutchess

“A women’s-owned business located in NYC, these pans bring a beautiful color to my kitchen counter and dress beautifully.” – Lani Halliday, owner, Brutus Bakeshop

“I love the multi-purpose pot, which is so beautiful to sit in your kitchen and put to work. I prepare soup, pasta, roast chicken, stews and even breakfasts in that beauty.” – Sarah Copeland, author, Every day is Saturday and Instant Family Meals

Caraway tool set

“I love the versatility of the Dutch oven: You can roast a brasato (veal cooked with red wine and veal broth) and even use it as a pot. I love the casserole for making the perfect pasta! The frying pan is a perfect companion when I make breakfast for my son; he loves my salty -cakes with cheese crust. Since the pan is not sticky, the cheese crust is easily released from the pan. ” – Daniele Uditi, chef, Weather in Pizzana

STAUB Cast Iron Oval Cocotte, 7 Quarters

“After using this Dutch cast iron oven, you will not want to use another one again. Staub is my base and is suitable for any braise, soup or broth.” – Athena Calderón, designer, author and entertaining expert

Staub enamelled French cast iron kiln, 3/4-Qt.

“Like the Dutch oven, I love this pot with all kinds of soups, stews and single-pot meals. The curved sides are particularly easy to mix without sticking parts in the corners.” – Jeanine Donofrio, founder Love & Lemons, author Love & Lemons Everyday

“Le Creuset makes the pots you will have forever. Because they are ceramic, they can withstand high temperatures and have a non-stick surface. I make soups, stews and slow embers in my own from any gas, electric or induction and even oven. One of the greatest gifts you will ever give to your future chef. ” Catherine mccord, author and creator Weelicious and A potato

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Braiser, 5 qt.

“I use that for just about everything for sautéing, making sauces and making risotto. It’s my kitchen pot that works well in the kitchen and in the oven.” – Alison Wu, founder Wu house, and Ami Ami

Bonus recommendations:

Great Jones Holy Sheet Pan

“I literally use frying pans at every meal; I use them for cooking, for sure, but also as a preparation and as a tray. I really like the Great Jones sheets to come in fun colors and the quality is amazing – mine is pretty nice, but the colors are vivid and hold ! ”- Alison Cayne, founder, Paradise Kitchen

Made of Blue Carbon Steel Wok

“Made In wok works very well for fast cooking because it really keeps you warm. I use it to cook meat and vegetables, and the spice allows it to be good in meat! “- Stephanie Izard, chef / partner Girl & The Goat, The Little Goat, Duck Duck Goat, Goat, Sugar, and Girl & The Goat LA

Has your favorite made the list? Otherwise, share it with us below!

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