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The Hardest Press in France (2021): Bodum, Stanley, Espro

For something completely different, I tried Espro P7, which, with these two fine filters, has less reflective stone and less fine. It’s like making coffee, for people who are somehow forced to do only the French press, or for the coffee maker to be too far from a socket. This “clean cup” isn’t bad, but it’s different, and maybe not what French press fans, myself included, want from the press pot. They’re one more thing to tie in Espro’s double baskets, but I think you’d get used to it.

For another gem, I tried it BruTrek 32 and 48 Made by Planetary Designs. Although I was attracted to the beautiful blue colors like a magnet, I struggled with the designs of these, I wanted to like them more than I did. The cap on the cover gives the BruTrek a bit of a sippy-cup feel, and you need to screw the cap on before stepping on the gun. Also, with the rounded bottom corner it is not completely strong on the foot.

I found the proclamation of fame an interesting idea: the wing of a metal disk above the filter turns it into a one-way valve; when the gun is pressed, the resulting coffee cannot circulate on the ground and become bitter, theoretically allowing the coffee to stay there longer, without becoming a bitter mess. (The company calls this function Bru-Stop.) However, for me, as an estimator of a glass that is always dirty, that was little, because the filter passed an astonishing number of fines. It was particularly strange, as these additional fines in the coffee denied the work of the corks. The biggest flaw in my book is that BruTrek is not safe in the dishwasher. It’s not a big deal when you’re camping, but that’s a domestic treat.

In the end, there was the “Hulk” prototype, which fought hard. The serious problem I found after getting into the dishwasher was the hair crack. When I took the beer out of the dishwasher, I could hear the water pouring water between the inner and outer walls. The only effective way I found to get the water out was to fill the beer chamber with hot water so that the air between the walls would heat up the air and let the water run out of the crack in the lower corner. Also, the cover was quite difficult to get over the boat, which is not a thing to deal with on wet and hot floors.

At that point, to make sure I did, I filled five presses with boiled water, put the lids on, and set the hour timer. When I lifted the ground cover they all came out hot enough to get the steam out of the top. The lowest Bodum was 156 degrees Fahrenheit, but cut it! It was half the size of the competition, and I feel protected when I’m explaining it. The Hulk and Espro arrived with excellent 160 and 165 degrees, respectively; Stanley Stay Hot had a whopping 175. At 185 degrees, BruTrek had a moment to shine. If you don’t get your coffee into a thermos after brewing and if the longest hot coffee is your top priority for a long time, that may be your best bet.

Photo: Stanley

Ground control

After doing the tests I did at home, I felt happy, there were a few slots and style variations to choose from here and there, it seemed like every machine was taking a nice cup of coffee. So at the moment, I’ve brought some professional coffee Olympia Coffee for some socially remote testing.

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