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pizza friends in the restaurant

When we go to a restaurant with friends or relatives, I have only one request …

They should have a maximum number of four to six people. More than six people don’t work.

If you have more than six, the conversation will be interrupted. If one side of the table laughs ridiculously, the other side feels boring. You can’t share the plates, and splitting the check creates confusion. The group is too big. * shakes his fist *

A group of four and six, on the other hand, are doing well. You can have a conversation with the whole group. They all feel included. The logistics are simple. The most epic nights are always four or five!

I’ve said this forever, so watching the comedy made me laugh Matt Buechele make the same argument. Here is his song:

Four or six people! It’s a hill I’m going to die for!

PS I’m still thinking about the restaurant surprise two decades later, and meeting my ex-boyfriend.

(Photo by Lior + Lone / Stocksy.)

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