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The world’s first Metaverse Robot has been born in China – Press Release

The first ever Metaverse Robot System debuted at the TusPark of China in September of 2021 was jointly developed by Chuangze Intelligent Robot Group of China and Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL) of UK, one of the largest robot laboratories in Europe. BRL’s Professor Charlie Yang, a Fellow of British Computer Society, is at the helm of this program. He was proud to say: “We integrated leading technologies such as Digital Twin, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Cloud Computing to create an ecological ‘Metaverse’ in the field of intelligent robotics which we believe is a breakthrough that is bridging us to the ‘Metaverse’.”

The industrial experts believe the pillar of Metaverse technologies is four folded: the first one is holographic construction, followed by holographic simulation and the integration of virtual-real worlds. The ultimate goal is the interaction between the agents of physical-world and the agents in the virtual intelligence. The Metaverse Robot System of Chuangze has realized the top-level link in between the virtual world and the physical world. In such a system the virtual and real robots are integrated and connected. The virtual commands to the virtual robot can be received and executed synchronously by the physical robot in the real world. And the status of the robot in the physical world will also be displayed synchronously in the virtual world. We believe the advent of the Metaverse Robot will bring human beings a brand new and a better way of life.

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