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If you’ve spent a lot of time in Austin over the last couple of years, you’re likely to enjoy at least one morning Hill’s in Sweden sunny patio — preferably swallowing a flaky croissant, taking the perfect matcha latté, or to include in a portion of smoked salmon and toasted sugars accumulated with cucumbers. It’s an all-day cafe that I love for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (did I mention Robert’s pizza with Fresno chili and hot honey?) And the atmosphere is as good as the food. As much as I love sweets and lots of coffee, there is something for me that can create an amazing menu. Clarksville Crunch Salad (named after the neighborhood where the restaurant lives) is the best street salad I’ve ever had, mixed with cauliflower, tahini dressing and almond and crispy rice that makes this salad delicious. It’s just one of the many reasons to get into Swedish Hill My guide to the best restaurants in Austin.

Since I’ve been to California in the summer, I’ve been missing the weekly Clarksville Crunch Salad fix, so I asked my friends on Swedish Hill to pour the recipe so I could get the fix at home. Below, I’ve shared the secrets of what makes the best street salad so good. It’s very simple, but each component plays a key role. Good news? The home version is as good as the one I love on Swedish Hill. Now, I wish I could finish if I could recreate that Snickerdoodle Cookie! I’ll work on that next.

Go over and over again to find the best street salad recipe you want to make, and the next level of tahini dressing you want to eat with a spoon.

How to do a street massage

If you haven’t started massaging the streets, it’s time to defeat them. It’s really the secret to the best street salad, as the street is tender, relatively sweet and not at all difficult to chew. Here’s how to do it:

  • Place your crushed kale in a large bowl, and sprinkle with a touch of olive oil, a squeezed lemon and a pinch of salt.
  • Use your hands vigorously to massage the streets for a minute. Yes, really get in there. The goal is to break down the fibers and make them easy to digest. It has the added advantage of making the street tastier and in a more pleasant way.
  • You will know that the street is ready when the leaves are bright and the volume is reduced a bit.

I showed this technique in action right on my Instagram.

Then make it crispy.

This salad is all about this crisis (hence the name), and it is the IMHO that is taking this street salad to the next level. I like how this salad uses flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, all bagel seasoning and a combination of sliced ​​almonds to give this salad a multi-layered texture and flavor. Pro tip: double the batch and store it in the freezer in a stone bowl, and you’ll be ready to add an instant cooking atmosphere to the salad.

The best street salad is made with a dressing table.

True! When it comes to street salads, it’s all about dressing up. And at least here in the US, tahini is a strong flavor that is rarely used; if you don’t use it, you should. So what exactly is tahini? It is a condiment from the Middle East, toasted with ground sesame seeds. You’ve probably had it in hummus or bean ghanoush, and it’s a great star to dress up in salads, thanks to the walnut and intricate flavor and creaminess.

Dressing in Swedish Hill combines tahini with olive oil, honey, dijon, lemon juice and lime zest to achieve a sweet, sour, citrus and nut combination that creates addiction and really brings out the sweet side of the streets. I shake mine in a masonry bowl and store it in the fridge for up to two weeks.

Now that you have the secrets of the best street salad, go for the recipe that Swedish Hill has so kindly shared with us. stop On your next trip to Austin, meanwhile, you’ll want to make this street salad recipe over and over again.

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