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Virat Kohli does not drag DRS controversy, praises Rahane-Pujara cooperation in Jo’burg

Virat Kohli was not ready to shed more light on the DRS controversy that shook the game on Tuesday.

South African captain Dean Elgar said the angry Indians had lost their focus a bit after the incident, which helped reduce his team’s goal.

Kohli said on Friday: “I have no comment. We understood what was happening on the pitch and the outsiders do not know the exact details of what is happening on the pitch.”

The Indian captain added: “Justifying what we did on the pitch and taking us away … if we had been charged and picked up three wickets, it would have been a time to change the game.”

Kohli admitted: “The reality of the situation is that we didn’t put enough pressure on the test for a long time.”


Kohli: Running away from our bat does not fall from time to time

The Indian captain, who was disappointed by the lack of contribution from the lower middle class and the tail – “everyone knows they haven’t taken any steps. Bateo has failed us in the last two games when we had to deal with that, “he said.

On the future of Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane, Kohli said: “We have backed Cheteshwar and Ajinkya for the kind of players they are, for what they have done in the tests. You saw their cooperation in the second test.”

Kohli explained: “These are performances, we recognize them as a group. I don’t know what the selectors have in mind.”

The Indian skipper admitted that the setback was painful. “It simply came to our notice then. Especially when we had a chance to win in South Africa. We are a driven team. ”

Asked about Rishabh Pant’s fabric, Kohli said: “Looking at the high quality blow, the attack and the conditions. We understand what it can offer. He must learn from his mistakes. “As a goalkeeper and batsman, he’s a unique talent.”

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