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NFL Super Wild Card Weekend Predictions, and Novak Djokovic Against Expulsion from Australia

Good Friday, sports fans! What a great sports weekend.

Let’s go straight.

Good morning everyone but above all …


Rejoice! Super Wild Card Weekend is here! Of course, that means Pete Prisco’s options here too. This weekend I have two outstanding matches, starting Patriots etan Invoices (Saturday at 8:15 p.m. on CBS and Paramount +). Here’s what Prisco thinks:

  • Prisco: “New England won their first meeting in early December in a storm, and by the end of December the Bills had taken their place in the Pats. Cold weather is expected, but not so windy. That means. Josh Allen he can be successful at throwing football. The Patriots haven’t been the same team on the road, especially in the quarterfinals Mac Jones. Find the Bills to get rid of the run and dare to overtake them. … He won’t. Choose: Bills 30, Patriots 17

I agree with that choice. I am also enthusiastic 49ak etan Cowboys (Sunday at 4:30 p.m. on CBS and Paramount +). Here is Prisco’s opinion:

  • Prisco: “The 49ers are a team that no one wants to see in the playoffs. They are built to run. Eagles‘The JV team did last week, but this is a much tougher challenge against the 49ers’ defensive line that dominated last week. Rams. … I think this is the grief of the week. Choose: 49ers 24, Cowboys 23

I’m in Dallas here, but each one is his own! We have it too bold predictions NFL expert Cody Benjamin and gaming options Tyler Sullivan and John Breech to be ready for all actions. Below is the full NFL schedule for the weekend (and Monday):




Honorable Mention

  • The Bucks he took it Warriors 77-38 at halftime – the longest break the Warriors have had since moving to California – on the way to a 118-99 win. Giannis Antetokounmpo dominated.

And not so good morning …


David Culley is out as Texas coach. The Texans They went 4-13 in 2021, and that was a great achievement. Culley threw himself into the fire with a team that lacked talent in many positions and around a very difficult situation Deshaun Watson – He handled the situation very well, I might add.

Above all else, the Texans didn’t let me down, and that’s what moved me.

  • Week 18, with nothing to play with, Houston competed with AFC No. 1 Titans to the end, eventually dropping 28-25.
  • Davis Mills, a third-round rookie, threw three touchdowns and far exceeded expectations throughout the season.
  • Culley clearly established a for an organization that absolutely needed a good culture, above all else. Listen to him talk after the end of the season. It’s hard to imagine that Culley would hold on to even a few more victories. It was created to fail, and he deserved betterNFL analyst Adam Schein told CBS Sports Network yesterday.

The Texans are now one of eight teams looking for an off-season coach, and NFL reporter Tyler Sullivan has done just that. list of potential candidates. The problem, as Houston may know, is that it’s not a particularly appealing job.

Houston is still a few years away from competing, and Culley laid the groundwork for a frustrated franchise. It is unfortunate that he will not be able to continue building.

Not so honorable mentions

  • Novak Djokovic He is once again facing expulsion from Australia. The country’s government has revoked his visa for the second time and, although it is not clear who will be expelled, the tennis team’s legal team will challenge the decision. Djokovic’s condition at the tournament has been in the air since the Australian government investigated the reason why the organizers gave him an exemption from vaccinating against COVID-19. His chances of playing now are at stake because their first game is scheduled for Monday.

What do the Knicks achieve with Cam Reddish? ⁇

Getty Images

Four weeks earlier NBA during the trading period, we got a great first exchange of the season. They are hawks Sending Cam to Reddish Knicks for Kevin Knox and the 2022 Protected Draft. Atlanta also included Solomon Hill and in the 2025 second round selection agreement.

The focus is red here. The 10th overall selection for 2019 has not been consistent throughout his career, but he has only 22. Given the potential that we sometimes see, Knicks won a strong B + NBA Expert James Herbert Trade Rating:

  • Herbert: There is an argument that should be an A-plus. If you think the Reds have a good chance of becoming a star, the theft is to exchange a “first-round pick” that could very well become his. … If you are red-faced optimistic, you can point to his or her scoring giants. … The Reds went 8-13 from deep and scored 33 points against the Chicago Bulls After Christmas and a couple of days. Five days earlier, he had fallen 34 42 minutes against the Orlando Magic.

It’s important for Knicks fans to know what they’re getting, as well as what they are getting no gets – here. Reddish yes a solid shooter who has made up 42 percent of his catch three this season (a very respectable number) and a skilled defender. He It is not a boy who creates his own plan or creates for others. This season, the Reds have:

  • Shot at 28 percent of 3 shots
  • 30 percent shot in 2 pulls
  • 30 percent shot from the center
  • 57 percent shot on edge
  • On average, more per-game turnover (1.3) than per-game attendance (1.1)

Considering that Knicks has players who dominate the ball Julius Randle, Derrick Rose and former Reddish teammate Duke RJ BarrettRedheads shouldn’t be asked to create too many. If so, that’s a bad sign.

The second part of this trade – and one that is especially important to the Hawks – is this long-term forecast, as our NBA clerk Brad Botkin explains:

  • Botkin: “The Reds will help this team immediately. And they can help a lot more in the future. But might is the operative term here. The Reds are eligible for a beginner extension this summer, and if they don’t sign up, they will become a limited free agent in 2023. That’s a big part of the Hawks ’reason for making this deal. Yes, they have a stable for young people in the South and Reddish’s departure makes fewer people, but this is more in another deal to come.

Whether the Reds have been in the Big Apple for a long time, this is a good move.

Here’s how the NFL playoffs will play out …

It seems like the biggest NFL playoff game we’ve had in a long time. There was no major team in the AFC – first place Titans had the best sixth-point difference in the conference – and in the NFC, ranked first Packers he placed fifth in that category. According to Caesars Sportsbook, six teams have a 10 out of 1 or less chance of winning everything.

Luckily we have NFL guru Jordan Dajani sorting and telling everything how everything will be played out. I won’t give up, but I’ll tell you that I agree with his Super Bowl option.

We are watching this weekend


Warriors in the Bulls, 19:30 ESPNn
Mavericks in the Grizzlies, 22:00 on ESPN


Tennessee No. 22 Kentucky No. 18, 1 p.m. on ESPN
NC State Duke No. 8, 2 p.m., on ABC
Raiders Bengals, 4:30 p.m., NBC
Patriots in Bills, 8:15 p.m., on CBS and Paramount +


Buccaneers Eagles, 1 p.m. on FOX
Kentucky No. 19 Tennessee No. 5, 3 p.m. on ESPN
49ers Cowboys, 4:30 p.m., CBS, Nickelodeon, and Paramount +
Michigan No. 11, Maryland No. 8, 5 p.m. on ESPN
Steelers Chiefs, 8:15 p.m., NBC

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