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Virat Kohlik should continue to be Test captain: Irfan Pathan

In his time as captain of the Indian Test, Virat Kohli has a highly enviable career. In 68 outings, the team had 40 wins and 11 draws. While the winning percentage was 58.82, India suffered just 17 defeats in its tenure – the last being the third and final test against South Africa.

And former Indian international Irfan Pathan is hailed as the “best test captain” and is surprised by Kohli’s decision to step down.

“In terms of performances and percentages, Virat is the best captain. He changed the face of the Indian Test cricket team and will be remembered forever for his tremendous prowess as a skipper, no doubt. But I think it should continue for a while, because it has so much more to offer, ”Pathan said Sportsstar on Saturday.

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“But with that being said, a lot has been going on in recent months, most of which we don’t know about. We don’t know what he is experiencing or what his vision is. I really hope that Virat will continue to support Indian cricket in the years to come. But I personally would like to continue as the captain of Test Cricket, because he has achieved that energy, ”added Pathan.

In December last year, Kohli was removed as ODI captain and before flying to South Africa, controversy erupted when the Indian Cricket Control Commission (BCCI) officials told him not to leave as T20I. Captain – against the statements made by Council President Sourav Ganguly.

While BCCI officials remained closely on the issue, Chetan Sharma, chairman of the national selection committee, stated that he had asked Kohli not to resign as captain of the T20I a month and a half before the 2021 T20 World Cup.

“In terms of pressure, he has adapted well throughout his career. There’s nothing you can’t handle. I think he wanted to make a decision and clarify things. Virat has a huge impact on Indian cricket as well as players. He also toured South Africa and did his job as a leader. Over the years, Virat has helped a lot in changing the perception of Indian Test teams, ”Pathan said.

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With Kohli stepping down, India will get a new red ball cricket captain and Pathan believes it is important to hand over the responsibility to Rohit Sharma for now.

“Rohit is currently the only guy who can be captain of the Indian team for at least a couple of years, depending on his situation. In the longer term, there should be at least one leadership team with a couple of players to train. , which is what selectors should choose, which will have long-term benefits for Indian cricket, “Pathan said.

Ashok Malhotra, India’s international and former national selector, also believes that Kohli could continue as captain in a few more Tests.

“It simply came to our notice then. After being removed from the position of ODI captain, he did not like it. I think he knew things weren’t hunky dory for him because of the way he reacted to the President of the Council’s statements. I don’t know what happened or what, but he’s one of the most successful captains and he’s a great player. Personally, I feel like he jumped before the push, ”Malhotra said.

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“He could have continued some more series of tests, but he could have seen it removed, so he made the decision. With that, he has stopped all controversy. It’s the beginning of a new era and I think he pulled a leaf out of Mahendra Singh’s book.”

Looking closely at the cricket in India, Malhotra believes that for the time being the selectors should hand over the captaincy of the Test to Rohit.

“KL Rahul has yet to win his mark in Test cricket. I’m sure he will learn as he goes, but for now the chance to be ready as a test captain will be Rohit,” said Malhotra, head of the Cricketers’ Association of India.

Leaving Kohli in office is definitely the end of an era.

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